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An update from the Gruber law opposite one call. That's all sports test. Here's Greg Matt say, Well, the greatest chess match in sports resumes Wednesday night at five Serve Forum game for the NBA Finals between the box and sons. Matchup. Optimization rotation calibration. It's all on display during the series. The one sons, the Bucks have not yet had an answer for his future. Hall of Famer Chris Paul 25 points and nine assists on average, through three games, looks forward Chris Middleton. I think the first two games at home, you know, he was able to walk to spot so easy to get to his shots that he always gets, you know, he orchestrates his team where he wants guys to go. Liberty Watch three spots or sometimes you know jobs to the spots off the job to get to his mid range shots. Think. Choose me. They're doing a great job. You know, making a little bit harder on him, Not a lion just to walk down to those spots anyway. So comfortable. Sorry. Chris came forward tomorrow night and hit the road on Friday. Game five will be in Phoenix on Saturday. Baseball's All Star game will be played tonight in Denver, with five members of the Brewers representing the National League. Josh Hater, may or may not pitch Craig Counsell, leaving it up to hater who had a rather heavy workload in the final series of the first half against the Reds. Brandon Woodruff will not take the field. In fact, he was replaced by teammate Freddie Peralta, who is expected to pitch tonight. Along with Corbyn Burns. Omar Nar Bias also represented the Brewers. As a position player and the open championship begins Thursday morning at Royal ST George's, John. We've got early morning golf set your alarm if you want to get up at I don't know 1 32 o'clock in the morning flip on ESPN as you're eating that chocolate cake of yours. That's what I do. You might find yourself some live of sports sports at weird times. We love that. We said I love that It's 3 48 at WTMJ, CBS chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett up next Milwaukee.

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