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Republicans are at odds. Though the Democrats have the majority President Biden, they have to abandon his hopes for a bipartisan covert relief bill. I support passing Coble relief with support from Republicans if we get it, but covertly past the past, there's no offender. But but Republicans argued the price tag is just too steep, many asking what's the rush since they just passed a $900 billion package last month, But today in the Oval Office, Biden and his new Treasury secretary insisted that Need is there. If there's not more help, many more people will lose their small businesses, roofs over their heads and the ability to feed their family. ABC is Mary Bruise more arrests in the capital Ryan as the officer who died in the violence. Brian Sick, Nick is sent to lie in honor in the Capitol Rotunda. Members of the proud boys halt right white nationalist extremist group previously charged through a criminal complaint or now formally indicted by a federal grand jury with conspiracy. Dominic Pa's Ola of Rochester, New York, and William Peppy, a Beacon, New York federal agents who searched Pa's Ola's home say they found a thumb drive with instructions for how to make homemade explosives, weapons and poison. ABC is Chuck Steve Ritz. In Chicago. Students, teachers and parents are on standby to reopen for in person learning Monday, despite no Union agreement over how to safeguard against the coronavirus. It's our expectation into teachers will show up. The students are gonna be there. They need to be there. Mayor Lori Lightfoot, sounding optimistic after progress was reported in the talks. But the union is suggesting Lightfoot's confidence may be premature and illegal. Back and forth. Federal appeals court has ruled that the U. S government can resume deporting immigrant Children who crossed the southern border unaccompanied by a parent. You're listening to ABC news. It's such a beautiful night. Look at the stars. They're amazing. Did you know 20% of stars have planets orbiting them capable of sustaining life? How did you know that? You must spend a ton of time reading? Not at all. I used bleakest blink assed. Yeah, it's an after takes key insights from over 4000 non fiction bestsellers and gathers them into 15 minute blanks. For you to read or listen to. With Blink ist. You can learn the main points of an entire book in just 15 minutes, as opposed to days or weeks. What kind of books nonfiction books in over 27 categories from personal development to history, management, investing philosophy and more books like a beautiful Mind the four hour work week. Freakonomics and SAPIENs..

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