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So I figured I'll just keep these four together. So that just looking at them to a new lens, and it it's been it was a wonderful project to get I hadn't asked some of the questions about nice still don't know the answers where does embellishing come from. What just think about you? Do you happen idea where am Bishen comes from in? You ambition middle child. I was stuck between two brothers. And you know, that's one ambition also comes from my I think being a an immigrant family that we knew we were fortunate lucky. I always tell this story growing up on my family's family room wall on one side, we're black and white photos of my dad's family on the other side was my mother's in the middle was my grandmother, and my mother sites which push go, which is where her passport was and my two great hands. And those are all the relatives who never made it to America the pictures on my. My mother and father side from the holocaust programs, and that there's nothing subtle on a Jewish home as you know. And you had these is on you growing while you were down on the family room watching TV, and the am Bishen was to be told that you had to do something because he couldn't disappoint your relatives. Never. So I think there's a lot of stuff that comes into it. I also I will now fast forward. I used to say every White House would be more stable if you think of the president's walk from the east wing to the west wing you pass like four oils of Washington to of Jefferson three rows. Right..

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