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See sees decision also opened the door to lawsuits the it's a question of just how many lawsuits already we have the new york ag eric schneider men announcing within minutes of the decision that he was going to lead a multi state lawsuit washington ag bob ferguson various public interest groups public knowledge free press and there are several different ways and claims that they can make due to the way that this was handled so david i'm trying to figure out so they are saying now these big internet service providers they're not going to raise prices on a voluntary basis what will be will it take for them to do so number one number two who stands to benefit the most and who stands to lose the most qualified group the second question for a switches in those who benefit most or those who have in control the infrastructure and they now have the ability to in a change pricing in a differential manner uh the charged with the traffic can bear it certainly argues that if you look at it from return on invested capital basis they have the opportunity now too often optimize profitability uh in terms of how they're pricing their service who loses are all the participants whether consumers on the demand side gore uh internetbased companies on the supply side in terms of who've been feeding the economy you know up until now we've seen a gradual process where you know the deployment of the internet has alternately been deflationary consumers became far better at discovering prices and competitors on the margin would come in with more efficient business models and serve to reduce prices to consumers the net net from a broad global economy standpoint the internet's deployment has been ultimately differently.

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