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Appear to be passed the New Year's holiday in the holiday season peak. In fact, he says, Baltimore currently has the lowest coping positivity rate in all of Maryland. Really fun. W M A L and W m a l dot com Montgomery County restaurants remain closed, but county executive Mark L. Rich we'll have an update on that this afternoon. A row House fire overnight has claimed the lives of two elderly people, a man and a woman. They were pulled out as the fire burned in the two story home on eighth Street Northwest in DC's Pet Worth neighborhood. The fire took out the homes back porch and started to move next door before firefighters put it out. No word yet on a cause one of Virginia governor Ralph Northern's major per Priorities this year is the legalized marijuana. But it will not be an easy sell. A Senate panel's already looking to delay the law by a year and to allow localities to opt out of having retail stores and law enforcement is pushing back to there would be no quality control. Even alcohol. Cigarettes have quality control. This, in essence would be like legalizing moonshine. Loudon County Sheriff Mike Chapman says legal pot would only expand illicit drug use in the community. Maryland governor Larry Hogan's presented a $49 billion budget to state lawmakers, one that does not include layoffs or furloughs and one that pumps more money into public education in school construction, Hogan says the pandemics worst case scenario never did come to pass. Thanks in part to federal relief funding, the Dow is down 11 points, the NASDAQ up 20 traffic and weather next. The latest numbers. We're seeing a rise in cases, openings and.

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