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Better. Offense is not going to catch the ball. I mean that that similarity is so accurate in keeps those players as they should be almost drafted a lot closer to mo williams was what almost a fringe like flex player. Amin aged. dylan's should step in and be pretty close to that. Yeah and this is a situation where you look at it. And you're like okay. Owns a backup. Damon harris should be the starter only two round separate them but damon harris. We've already talked about. He has very little upside. And there's a lot that's unclear in terms of how that you know that did the distribution of touch is gonna is gonna play itself out in new england whereas has a very clear defined role. He's the backup. Aaron jones but with with with matlock floor. We saw this last year. Which mall williams. Aaron jones is he kind of does like siri series by series where jones will play a series. And then jamal williams will get a full series I think a deal is going to be much. He really only had one big game. It was the game against tennessee And i believe that was also game where jamal williams in place. The the first game that he really played in where jamal williams wasn't active. Was you had over. One hundred rushing yards and touchdown so he hasn't really proven anything. But i think that green bay is gonna get a lot more playing time having. He's very good chance he gets a lot of the goal line carries. I think he takes a much bigger step up and then if anything happens to air jones. He's the guy and this is not a very good depth chart behind aj. Dylan there's no like last year. Yeah jamal williams. And then you had aj dylan. It was much. There was a lot more there. There's there's dexter williams there is I'm just pulling up idex. Rooms patter taylor thailand hill. So there's nothing else there besides asia dylan. I think i think he probably has a better year. In terms of total points than damon harris even within being the backup and he just has his a lot more upside. So i i like this one a lot and they're both running backs they don't catch the ball. They're big in between the tackle bruisers. Go line kerry backs. I think don't has a better season. Yeah i don't think it's a stretch of say that and the fact that david the quote unquote starter. I think at the end of the day. They're both gonna end up with similar. Carry numbers is kind of what i'm getting at in this comparison. And we've seen it hasn't done anything but we've seen. What green bay does we've seen them. Out of florida's we have two years of data. That tells us exactly what's going to happen. Just like we have twenty years of data in new england yet. We still think that somehow someone's gonna emerge as the starter. No we know exactly how green bay is gonna utilize. Aj because this is. This is what they do this. They've shown us their system. So it's not a surprise to anyone so if you're looking for someone that can be a fringe. Flax damian harris like on a more week to week basis could potentially be more consistent and have more double digit points than than. Aj dylan i mean. I think that's a very like not a strong. I think that should be pretty obvious. We're eighty six seven point range where maybe the harris's at eleven or twelve or something like that mccain and that seems high easy touchdown me. He's not going to get one hundred rushing yards. Or he's going to touchdown very true. I mean just think about that guy. He's got get hundred yards not catching in and cam. Newton russia's an all touchdowns. Where is he getting points. So yeah so i. I like that one a lot. That's a great one are let me give you one that i really like And this is one of the last ones. I came up with And this is a little thing a little bit outside the box I got dj. More verse dj. Burs jd mckee mckissick. I don't even think about that. You got dj verse jd right there. Boom done saint play different round dj. More going know. Five point eight Fifth-round jana mckissick. Going the end of the ninth round. And i know they play different positions. We've talked about this on a on a couple of times though win on a couple of occasions with some of these running backs that are just there one one-dimensional j. mckissick. They just catch passes. Kinda like the jayme. Swipe look at them as just they're rushing yards receiving yards and just look at the numbers if there are a wide receiver so to give it to give you an example legitimate kids. Going three hundred sixty five yards rushing five hundred eighty nine yards receiving both sound on sexy when you add them up though you look at it and you compare them to moore's numbers you have. Jd mckissick with total yards rushing plus receiving because he points both nine hundred. Fifty four receiving yards rushing ours. Combined total yards eighty catches and three touchdowns. So if you were to tell me I've got a player that that will catch eighty balls for nine hundred fifty four yards and three touchdowns in going at the end of the ninth round. I'd be like signed me up. Oh by the way eligible disarm back at route running back. i love this one And when you you will mooresville. Dj more sixty six catches so less fourteen less catches eleven hundred ninety three yards so so a little over two hundred more more receiving yards four touchdowns en he's going four rounds ahead mckissick and he's a wide receiver mckissick. Is somebody complain. Your flex he somebody you can play in running back somebody that you have antonio gibson. He's a great handcuff as well. Lots of like they're no. I love this one We definitely like the types of running backs. Where oftentimes these pass catching back. If they're true to their rolled can actually be pretty consistent weekend and week out This makes me definitely like anthony gibson. A lot less in the second round. I raised him from my memory. I mean if mckissick is being this through the air i mean. I really don't want any peace of that. But this is great digit. Moore's numbers by the way specifically his yardage is coming back down. I mean he's got. Sam darnold throwing to him his touchdowns at four cut that in half and then i mean four. Four five cents isn't a lot keeping say but he's got i know i'm just saying he's got sam darnold so cut in half and half again that's what he's going to have one do that in your head so i like this. This is perfect and then he's running back eligible. I think. I need to take a closer look at jamie kiss but this is a perfect these having these players like. I swear like when you're in the middle of a draft in need to be nimble needs to be on your feet and you stuck in scenarios where you're like oh my god i do not wanna drag sanders at four zero one. What unless swap them out or you know where you can go. You can bomb the bag. You'll get jamie kiss. 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