Georgia, Brooks County, Moscow discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


Who worked at twenty two Kirova street in Moscow for Russian military intelligence for the GRE from his cubicle in Moscow. We learned in that indictment that that Russian military officer personally targeted election infrastructure in Florida in Iowa and in Georgia and Georgia is the state where the secretary of state alone among all other states in the country, he alone refused any help. When it came to shoring up the security of estates elections, even after he was directly warned by homeland security and subsequently by the FBI. Georgia is the state or the secretary of state said these warnings were ridiculous. Ridiculous warnings. There's no chance Russia, whatever target his state or you kidding turns out his state is one of the states that Russia targeted on October twenty eighth two thousand sixteen, and we can name the guy who did it and the office he was sitting in when he did it. Once those Russian military officers started were targeting Georgia's election system starting on October twenty eight th two thousand sixteen I wonder what they did with Georgia's voter systems. We don't know because under that secretary of state rather than let anybody investigate if anything untoward might have happened instead, they wiped the servers, fair race, the servers, so nothing can ever be checked. That's secretary of state and Georgia is now the Republican candidate for governor of Georgia. He's presumably running for governor on the basis of his performance as secretary of state, which honestly is a performance for which anybody might rightfully expect to be famous. Well, before the disaster of Georgia election security and the two thousand sixteen election in his first full year, a secretary of state in two thousand ten. He sent armed agents door to door in black neighborhoods in Brooks County, Georgia. This is after a big, get out the vote effort there among black residents that big, get out. The vote effort led to the first ever majority African American school board in their town. Local residents said they'd been motivated that year by teacher layoffs in their school district teacher layoffs that were really unpopular. And according to one local leader of the voter, registration effort. Quote, we've been bit by the Obama bug since two thousand ten. We've been bit by the Obama bug and we knew it was time for a change in Brooks county as well. They brought criminal charges against twelve local black residents who helped get out the vote effort. They brought charges against those twelve residents for things like bringing on voluptuous containing completed absentee ballots to a mailbox. They criminally charged this group of local residents with more than one hundred election law violations, including dozens of felonies. They put them on trial to face more than a thousand combined years in prison. And you know what? Not a single one of those charges held up on every single one of those charges. Local resident was either acquitted or the charge had to be dropped by the prosecutors. Not only were there no convictions. There weren't even any plea deals. Acquitted dropped in every single one. And the attorney general of the state subsequently had to issue a statement clarifying that. Actually, none of the actions. Those African American local residents in Brooks county had been charged with none of the things they were charged with. We're actually illegal mailing in absentee. Ballots is not a crime registering. Your neighbors to vote is not a crime, but tell that to the people who Brian Kemp sent his armed agents door to door after in two thousand ten. That's Brian Kemp, Georgia secretary of state. He also instituted what's called an exact match program designed, honestly to kill voter, registration applications. If there's even one single digital character difference between your voter registration application and any other record the state has on file for you. So if like there's an extra space added by the registrar when she types in your name or your address, literally an extra space, or if you live on something something road and the registrar types in our deep period to abbreviate road instead of our d which is the way it's abbreviated without the period and some other database than forget it..

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