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Musharraf has been the boss for many years now but he has a rival benazir bhutto the daughter of a dead prime minister president of pakistan and she enters the scene spectacularly she came through new york on her way to pakistan you know very well yes and celebrated books many tv's sponsor many tv specials on benazir bhutto and she goes to pakistan to campaign for the presidency to lead a party to dislodge moucharef now these army's not going to embrace this neither as isi because bhutto was talking about going in a different direction she is assassinated almost on camera in in late december of two thousand and seven is that the isi i think there's still an argument about that in a lot of pakistan they blame the taliban blame the taliban but the section of the taliban that is believed to have carried out the assassination according to several international investigations one informed by scotland yard detectives that section of the taliban has a complicated history with isi and the possibility that isi officers or former isi officers might have encouraged this is certainly there the you know the bigger policy picture is that the bush administration in the second term tried out two things to try to bring this conflict under control one we just talked about which was to do the drug war in afghanistan and that didn't work and the other was to bring benazir bhutto pervez musharraf together as liberal relatively secular allies who would strengthen the the modernizing forces in pakistani politics against the radicals but with when when benazir bhutto was assassinated that plan fell apart and very shortly thereafter moucharef was forced from office because of growing rice medical ism and violence inside pakistan so it was a very dark period condoleeza rice as secretary of state the second bush term and she has an assistant elliot cone we've all spoken with elliot cohen he's a colorful person he writes very good books and he has a formula that steve quotes here about each time a new administration or a new general or a new state department representative arise in afghanistan how does the formula go steve well he he he comes he advises condie rights are getting a lot of happy talk.

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