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NBA regular season November October game, I'm not going to. But I will tell you this it once again proved Lonzo ball's better than Rondo and I've been on this for two weeks. Lonzo ball played twice them in its Rondo last night. The Lakers one again when that happens. That's happened. Four times there are three and one. And the only loss was in overtime. Lonzo by the way was three for three on threes. Lonzo by the way, had seven assists and no turnovers and Lonzo has separated himself defensively he is much but on the Rondo. For all the Lonzo ball haters. He is better than Rondo. And the Lakers are better when he plays more minutes than Rondo, Rondo is moody and inconsistent Rondo pixes spots TV games. TNT what he wants to play. Well last night was not a big TV game. They played the Mavericks. It was a Wednesday. Nobody watched in Rondo was to for seven and had a minus twenty one plus minus. Lonzo should be playing three minutes for every minute. Rondo plays. Lonzo is better than Rondo. And lonzo's the future not Rondo. And here's the other thing is that Kuzina. Brandon Ingram, Josh heart and Lonzo they're boys. They're buddies their friends. Rondo is in friends with anybody in an article a year ago. He said, quote, I'm not really into people unquote, Rondo is the NBA's transient moody vagrant who shows up in a town doesn't make friends sometimes help she'll win. And then people tire of him watch. The Lakers would Lonzo last night. Better communication cleaner. The ball moves better. The team is better. And they win Luke Walton? I think he's figuring it out lonzo's better for the team better for the results and Lonzo is better than Rondo. You know, something else would Lonzo ball. And I I know lavar ball is very controversial. And a lot of people don't like lavar ball his dad's methods right Iowa said I'm not going to criticize a dad period. But I'm not gonna cut us is a dad that got his kids to UCLA. Here's what's interesting one of the things that you could argue. Is that Lonzo is used to having a big personality in his life. He's okay. Being in the shadow. He doesn't need to walk in the room and be the loudest the biggest the most talked about lonzo's always fit, right? In lavar ball I've seen him when he's with Lonzo together. I've seen them is Lonzo sort of is in the shadow sort of obeys. Dad is very quiet listens to dad laughs with dad, but doesn't need to dominate the room. Lebron dominating figure in the room. Lebron dominates the ball dominates. The headlines is going to dominate. He's the most verbal player in the NBA and the floor is it possible? I know everybody wants to bang on lavar ball. But is it possible that Lonzo growing up with this outspoken loud, funny, personality driven dad, and he was in the shadow of it fits perfectly? Without agitation with a big global star. Verbal LeBron James. I don't know if this is true. But it seems to me that lonzo's grown up in an environment. He's cool with a shadow. He's cool that he's cool with it. And some of that comes from who we grow up with. So I think he personality wise really works with LeBron James five time all-star all-time great..

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