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Good source potassium. Those would not be a very good source of trying to think. If there's anything. I mean nuts are fairly good source of gas nuts green leafy vegetables. Yup yeah august stuff to be consuming interesting now. You mentioned manganese earlier and how important is andrea function. where are we getting manganese. That's one that most people you know unless you are you know in our world right. You're not hearing a whole lot about manganese out there and mainstream media so let's talk a little bit about that what it does and where you get that. Where the best food sources. So manganese is probably one of the most common mineral deficiencies because it's in such limited amounts of food in so typically unless you're eating certain types of fish and very high amounts. It's very difficult. To maggie's if you're on a carnivore diet the most people probably need a mangoni supplement if you're eating animal foods now if you are eating some unrefined whole grains then you can get manganese in fairly decent amount and that's why. I consume ezekiel bread. Because it helps give me manganese magnesium and a few other minerals that are missing in animal foods interesting interesting so it's mostly going to be in your whole grains but you're saying yes but i mean the problem with that is that ninety nine percent of fold grains in the united states are highly refined. So it's really trying to find those true unrefined traditional here because you don't really know from label. If if if the flowers ran through a steel roller mellon it's just going to spike your glucose. So what. Typically i look for is just a sprouted grain and no flower just avoid. That's as flour. Typically right right so as he will read so what i'm hearing is that if somebody's following a real food kito diet so if they're following a low carb diet they're taken out loans. They're not consuming legumes. Different things like that. Would they be more at risk for mineral deficiencies or is there. A lower need for minerals. Insulin levels are are lower. Bright it so compared to the standard american diet. I would say no that. They're not at a higher risk except for certain nutrients one being mangled Interesting now because i think a lot of the research you know looking at minerals and how much minerals probably done on people that are trending more. Insulin resistant occur. So i'm thinking that you know just my hypothesis that possibly the more insulin sensitive we are the better. We are at driving minerals into the salad. Obviously being able to utilize it and so we made less made a little bit less one hundred percent. Got some magnesium potassium you have to use to drive to the site. It's hard to do that that research though. You have to find all these people with a certain level of fasting insulin and then nobody's what they need right so but that's just ninety that hit a better. Your blood sugar. Stability is right. The better of course also better your stomach acid levels are in your gut microbiome possibly the lower the amount of some of these minerals that you may need in your diet or sure you're gonna absorb them better boy and i know that Coffee as well. People are drinking a lot of coffee. What is coffee. Do particularly to salt yet. That was one of the biggest eye opener. I was researching for the salt. Fix that caffeine particularly coffee. 'cause there's other compounds in coffee besides just. Caffeine is a tremendous salt waster both sodium chloride to the extent if you consume four cups of coffee using additional half a teaspoon of salt and it's it's the most commonly consumed beverage around the world second to water so most of us are consuming some form of coffee or caffeinated beverage. Probably when you add up caffeinated beverages plus coffee probably allow over water on. Yeah you're right so people are drinking so much caffeine in your depleting saw you said four cups of coffee which is roughly equivalent to what like three hundred milligrams of caffeine or so typically eighty times four. Whatever that is three hundred twenty milligrams of of caffeine and you're losing a full teaspoon. Did you say half half half a teaspoon of salt. This is why it's important. I have an article on my my website about five ways to make your coffee more. Effective ways is actually adding salt to your coffee. Put the salt in there. That's reggie yeah and and that obviously the minerals at you're losing your getting back and also of course when people are exercising right. Which hopefully guys are that. That are listening. You're also losing the salt there to write good now. Are there any like sort of drinks or so. Make like a homemade sports. Drink that you would recommend that kind of ads in some of these things. So what's interesting. Is that a lot of the information on sports performance. They were just simply trying to replace the salt. That is lost through sweats during exercise and that makes sense that that would be enough. But what ends up happening when you when you go fairly. High intensity performance is that the blood flows chewed the working muscle and then as core body temperature rises. It also starts pulling away from the muscle into the skin to release heat. So you have this drop in blood volume that occurs with exercise and it happens pretty quickly within five or ten minutes you can lose ten percent of the blood volume to the heart so boosting blood volume before exercise with high salt solutions. Actually dramatically improved performance both in the heat and at room temperature. So there's been a lot of studies that have looked at this and really the best regimen. Is you start ingesting. These high salt solutions about ninety minutes prior to competition or exercise in you slowly consume it over sixty minutes thirty minutes before the events and you boost blood volume by a eight percent in thus preventing the drop that occurs during performance. While could no know my friend rob wolf. He's got a he's got one called. I don't know if you've you've heard that it's very high in sodium and you taste it right away. You know doesn't have any sugar and all that kind of stuff. So i've been using that definitely noticing an improvement with it but it is salty. So you gotta be careful. He had to water it down. And you know drink over time Like you're saying yes super important so really get seventy eight year typical stuff. That's out there gatorade. Powerade i mean there's so much sugar and additives and artificial flavorings. They do other sodium in there but It's about one tenth of sodium though that you actually sheds low. Yeah it's like we really low name like you said even if you get gatorade zero. The sugar doesn't really matter to moscow. It doesn't really help that much. It's the salt that's right the blood volume yep so the benefits people are getting are from the salt. That's in there but obviously it doesn't have as much salt as as you need. Which makes it actually probably more palatable right because it's because it's not overly salty so people are drinking more more more of it which they do get hydration up but of course you know if they've got the sugar in their the additives artificial flavorings. You know all that stuff going to have a detrimental effect exactly and if you don't get the salt solution fairly close doesn't have to be exactly but fairly close to the saltiness of the blood. It's going to be difficult to boost blood volume so you can replace some of the salt loss. There's swat great but the enhancement of performance. You really need those higher solutions. Yeah now do you have any like Like quick Homemade recipes that somebody like. Let's say they're going to go work out later on today. And they don't have any of these products at home but they've got some salt. Maybe some bicarbonate or whatever What's like a homemade recipe that somebody can make so what i typically do is use the thousand node. Ram to ten ounces of fluid rule in igli. If i'm gonna do something high intensity al have at least two thousand milligrams of sodium in twenty ounces of fluid. I'll do that. you know. Start ninety minutes before zoom that. And i'll also make sure i typically at about four grams of lycene to the solution makes more eligible helps you absorb the sodium and the fluid better in glycemic also cools corradi temperature down on its own. So it's a great way to spike the salt solution to make it more palatable on enhances its benefits. Wow very interesting really really good stuff. And so dr. James you know your new book. The mineral fix really really great book. I mean we touched on some of these key minerals in how important they are. Can you give just a another overview in any anything that we that we miss that the listener may be interested in getting this book you briefly touched on it in. That is the fact that the first thing to fix mineral deficiencies is to heal your own health. Reduced hikers and sugar get the inflammation down. Stop eating the junk in the garbage. So give me the junk out of the kitchen. And then you can start absorbing in utilizing the nutrients in your minerals better and then from there you can start building a healthy diet in basically optimizing minerals using and i have some strategies in the book which routes you should combine to get a full spectrum optimal amount of minerals. Yeah really good stuff. So a lot of food combination title principles so you can eating and getting the full Nutritional synergy so really good stuff guys out his book mineral. He's also got some other great books. If you wanna learn a deep dive on salt he has got the salt fix the longevity solution the immunity fix you know with everything that's been going on with cova and whatnot. This is a really timely book that he wrote last year. The immunity fix you. Wanna give a quick summary of that. Yeah the immunity was basically that we were sort of hyper focusing on Vaccines and masks and weren't we weren't looking at the major risk factor which is poor metabolic health. And that's report diet in poor mineral status and if you fixed those things these any type of services much less very wet absolutely so some great books to pick up guys you will really enjoy. Dr james is books. He's got a bunch of out there. So if you wanna learn how to optimize your health today optimize your immune system and then live longer as well you know. He's got the longevity fix as well so check that out and again. His website is dr. James denic d. i n. i c. Dot com you can sign up for his newsletter their check him out on social media instagram twitter and facebook as well. Dr james thanks so much for your time. Any last words inspiration for audience. I would say. Don't fear salts and if your sugar logo. I love it so good thanksgiving james and guys. We'll see you on a future. 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