President Trump, Kim Jong, Jamie Dupree discussed on Atlanta's Morning News


Amanda Moyer. Think about them WSB's top national story. President Trump heads today to Vietnam ahead of Wednesday's summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong own. I'm Jamie Dupree in Washington wilder has been little evidence that North Korea is giving up its nuclear program such a great relationship. President Trump repeatedly says his relationship with Kim Jong noon has made a difference. There's been no nuclear testing, no missiles, no rockets, but US intelligence officials have repeatedly said there's no evidence Kim is ready to abandon his nuclear arsenal. Meanwhile, Jamie reports the house votes tomorrow and a measure to stop the president's national emergency. Effort to get money for a border wall. Mr. Trump has promised a veto any legislation that gets in his way, you can read more Jaime's blog at wsbradiOcom. The chairman of the house intelligence committee threatens to sue the Trump administration and says he may order special counsel Robert Muller to testify if the Russia investigation is not made public democrat. Adam Schiff says he'll be keeping a close eye on attorney general William bar who would get the report I whenever it's release while the president's former personal attorney and fix Michael Collins scheduled to testify this week before Congress Republican Senator ROY blunt, tell CBS face the nation. He hopes Cohen tells the truth this time, I think the region have him back is when sleigh lies to congress an investigation. Like this the questions you might have asked the next witness. Don't get asked somebody. You might have called doesn't get called Cohen heads to prison next month for line to congress and tax crimes. WSB news time seven thirty three savannah. Republicans rise again to bring casinos to Georgia Representative Ron Stevens says it's time for voters have a say one way or another. When it comes to allowing casino gambling in Georgia. The hills of the poll that.

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