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Rape and sexual assault charges in New York City boxes colonel Scott has more live Lisa it was not long before noon that the verdict was read in court guilty on two of the five total pounds wind Steen was then taken into custody to await sentencing Debra Katz represents an accuser of the former movie mogul who testified Harvey Weinstein is exactly where you should be now hind bars Weinstein was acquitted on three more serious charges to carry life sentences attorney Doug Wigdor says while a partial verdict is some measure of justice we can't undo the harm that he's caused to so many victims he will be sentenced March eleventh thanks for all Americans listening box news W. Y. P. C. mobile news all the level on the go testing for lead in water being discussed at the state house rain continues to fall around the indie metro forty two degrees in downtown Indy thirty eight is the low this evening I'm John Herrick here's what's trending at six oh two your child's school would have to test the water fountains for lead under a bill that's going to the Senate floor Eric Berman reports houses already passed a nearly identical build required lead testing about two thirds of Indiana schools have already checked their water the state has a grant program to pay for it Hammond representative Carolyn Jackson's bill would require the rest to do it and to take action the lead content is above federal standards Eric Berman ninety three W. I. B. C. mobile news arrested and charged for having an online relationship with an underage girl a guidance counselor at Marion high school investigators did not say if the girls a student with Marian Ryan vermilion now faces twelve counts of child exploitation and twelve counts of vicarious sexual gratification as a forty six point loss to the Toronto raptors Sunday was not bad enough now the Indiana Pacers found out today that one of their forwards Jeremy lamb will miss the rest of the season he tore his left ACL against Toronto tore his lateral meniscus and had another fracture lamb's been averaging thirteen points and four rebounds a game this season more than four hundred sixty thousand Hoosiers do not have a high school diploma goodwill industries of central and southern Indiana believes it's excel centers which are basically high schools for adults are helping reduce that numbers is a true high school diploma but ninety nine percent get additional industry recognized certifications and college dual credit CEO of goodwill excel centers can't Kramer says those graduates either go on to further education or right into the work force there are currently fifteen excel centers in central and southern Indiana the average price for gas across Indiana today to thirty eight a gallon in Indianapolis it's two thirty five your traffic and weather coming up in one minute it's six oh four what is your social security strategy hi Rick Adelman here host of the record Ellen show right here every weekend choosing when to start taking social security is a key decision get it wrong you could miss out on tens of thousands of dollars over the course of your retirement and just as important as that question is social security is just one part of your overall retirement income plan equally important is figuring out how to generate income from your investments how much can you withdraw so you never run out of money let's get you a plan for all of this and you can start right now just call triple eight plane wreck and if you call right now until tonight at ten PM we'll give you a free social security review plus a comprehensive retirement income review yes.

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