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I'm David chalian, the CNN political director, and this is the daily DC thanks so much for listening today on the podcast Pelosi's play. This is a fascinating thing to watch the speaker of the house, just completely us. Donald Trump as a tool to help unify her own caucus. She does it with some great skill. And Donald Trump is a I think an unwitting co-conspirator and her efforts to help bring her caucus together, just as there were some growing voices in. Yes. A small minority of democratic members of the house who have called for impeachment, but as that was growing and expanding beyond just the most progressive, or a few members here, and there is precisely the moment that Donald Trump, you know, walks out of the meeting goes to the rose garden goes on a tweet storm says no legislating while there are investigations. Well, that was it Nancy Pelosi then goes back to your caucus and says we have him where we. Them. Why would we start an impeachment process right now that is a dicey political proposition? When we have the president in a place where we can take the argument that American people that he's sort of abdicating his responsibilities on legislating and continue our investigations which are yielding some fruit in the courts, getting some favorable rulings. And because he picks a fight with Pelosi it helps her go back to her team and say, let's all get together here, and that seems to be exactly what happened. Because when Nancy Pelosi went before the microphones today and was asked a bunch of questions about impeachment. She made it clear in, in one of her statements today that the democratic caucus is not on the road to an impeachment process right now it wasn't like we're thinking about are there. Some people in the caucus have this opinion, the speaker made clear that her caucuses not on the road to impeachment right now. Really trying to shutdown than ocean. She complained mightily about the news coverage saying that it was all wrong that there was this big divide inside the Democratic Party. Obviously, she would like to always look like it's completely unified. We know that it's not. But we do know it is a small faction inside her caucus that is amping up the drumbeat here. And the other thing that Nancy Pelosi did today directly related was sort of amp up her own rhetoric as it comes to Donald Trump. She continued to lay in them. She questioned whether or not he was actually in charge in the White House. And if he is the one in charge, how do you know which way he'll be at a given our because he changes all the time so that he's responsible for the chaos, which is quite clear, suggesting that his family, or is closest staffers, or cabinet members should perhaps be involved in some sort of intervention suggesting that. He is at a level of unhinged that requires outside forces to come in and try and corral him. This is the kind of stuff that, of course, gets under the president's skin clearly, but it also is Nancy Pelosi using really explosive bold rhetoric about the president that allows that to be sort of a place that everyone in her caucus can rally around short of impeachment, which he has said time and again, she thinks is a political loser. She thinks it's divisive for the country, and it helps the president with his base, and it's precisely what the president wants and she thinks it's a political loser for her member. So and yet, she holds open the fact that after all the fact finding step by step by step, if it inevitably leads to an impeachment process, so be it, but she doesn't want to go there. Now, she doesn't want to launch an impeachment inquiry, which some people have suggested as a bit of a middle ground to use it as a fact. Finding mission without actually guaranteeing that the house vote on articles of impeachment or that the judiciary committee, vote out articles of impeachment to the house floor, again knowing that there's no point to the trial in the Senate in terms of if the goals to remove the president from office that is not happening. So I want you to hear a little bit of Pelosi this morning addressing reporters on this topic and just hear how she. Amps up the rhetoric while at the same time shuts down the growing minority insider caucus about being on the precipice of impeachment. It was a pretty masterful display today from Pelosi about how to deal with her own power base, which is the members of the house. Democratic caucus and get them marching more or less in lockstep with her on this dealing with Trump. Because every time there's a Trump Pelosi interaction, she seems to be able to come away, the Victor, and that is something that she then brings back home to Capitol Hill and says to Oliver Democrats, those that agree with our impeachment those that disagree with her. Hey look, I just want another battle with the president. It shows her her savvy her skill. And I think a lot of that was on display today in how she handled. Herself the one point that she doesn't own up to I think, and the chil continue to be pressed on him rightfully so in my colleague maharaja, tried to press her on it is this notion of he very well may have committed impeachable offenses. This may well be an impeachable. He clearly obstructed Justice. But we're not going to go to the impeachment process, and she doesn't own up to the fact that that's purely political calculation in her own words in the past. She has said you impeach. You can't launch impeachment for political purposes, and you can't not launch impeachment for political purposes, but it's quite clear. She is not launching impeachment for political purposes, but doesn't really actually embrace that in own up to that. And that is one place that I think she leaves herself vulnerable to criticism from the press and from inside her own caucus. But for the most part today was a day where you saw how Nancy Pelosi used Donald Trump as a co conspirator in her effort to tamp down this growing small chorus of voices about wanting to get into impeachment proceedings sooner rather than later here is the speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi. She pulled a stunt. Now. My truly believe that the president has a bag of tricks in the White House has a bag of tricks that they save for certain occasions. They don't necessarily apply to the occasion, but they're a distraction, which is his, his master of distraction. We will all be on that, that's something he does well to distract from problems that he has. He changes the tries to change the subject. And while he tried to say is because I said cover up, we've been saying cover up for a while are nine o'clock. Meeting was a meeting, we have anyway, so it had nothing to do with him. But I think what really got to these cases. And the fact. That house. Democratic caucus is not on a path to impeachment, and that's worth he wants us to be. And when he saw that, that was not happening that, again, with the cover up, which he understands fool just struck a chord. The president. Maybe gauge impeachable.

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