Mike Ramallah, Tim O'brien, Kim Ron discussed on Good Seats Still Available - 031: Indoor Soccers Wichita Wings with Mike Romalis and Tim OBryhim


Uh it is being uh now uh translated into a documentary sell uh i don't know what the title is going to be i don't think i asked them but they could give a listen to maybe maybe we did um uh they are making a uh a tim o'brien micromouse are making a movie about the wichita wings at believe me it's scheduled to come out uh for gap when they said it was coming out some time i believe in the early part of next year um and uh i highly and uh look forward to uh to watching that we will have a link to the uh the promo ford that uh video which they just posted on youtube a couple of days ago uh but we're gonna be talking all things mis sal and in particular wichita wings with mike ramallah's and tim o'brien here on the big podcast in just a couple of seconds a stay tuned it's really fun we talk about people like kim ron fed and eric rasmussen as a little bit a crazy georgian there everything orange army we talk about roy turner the coach of course uh it's all good stuff give a lesson i in a couple of seconds after i of regale you of course of the promotional message from our friends at audible um if you if you haven't been uh uh browbeaten by me i yet to be uh submissively convinced go try out uh audible for yourself please do so uh it is it's an awesome service audio books are are good for the soul of they certainly good to the ears that good for the mind uh and there's no better place than audible to uh.

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