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O 6 World Cup for me, I was a freshman in college, and I didn't have anything to do in the mornings and all the games were in the morning, so me and my Friends would just sit around and wish to summer after our freshman year of college and just watch all the games. And I got obsessed and I just remember like, in particular, outside the U.S., which was the focus, right? Thomas orsis, rositi, and then also Michael essien, two players that we went up against, so I was like, oh my God, these dudes are incredible. I went down sort of the Internet rabbit hole there. And I remember Yahoo had eurosport. You guys remember eurosport? Yeah. The website. I think I read literally every possible thing there was to read on eurosport. And I had a job on the college campus where I could just basically sit in a basement and click around the Internet all day long. And that's literally what I did. I just messed around on the Internet all day long and through that. Eventually, you're talking about the U.S. national team. You get an MLS, and I started watching Fox soccer channel all the time, and eventually started writing about it for the school newspaper and ball rolls downhill for 15 years or so and here we are. Deep, deep sicko mode in my basement doing a soccer podcast twice a week. I hope I'll leave felt that he was really going to get the full thing because that was the full experience right there. Yes, yes. Okay, let's get into the games. This is from Louise. He says, I think in MLS extra time game of the week is a good idea. Find a game that's not only a good football wise, soccer wisely, but I'll accept it. But also from a storytelling perspective. And I want to shout out something that Joe, you've put together on back healed that's really helped me this year and all the prep that I'm doing both for extra time, my columns, as well as MLS season pass and the pre and postgame shows on countdown and wrap up. Back healed insights. People may not know what this is. I haven't seen people chattering about this just yet, but I've had access to it and I've been blown away by what you put together. insights, thanks for deleting. We be insights is a project that myself and friend of the show, Bobby warshaw, have been working on for a while now. So the idea is it's a new premium tier on backyard

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