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Fallon. I think maybe Melissa just meal would be a career. But you know what you deal with a drunk It is always is always goes back, right? And one of the worst type of drug we already talked about military of the emotional way. Talked about the violent, aggressive base wrong. Got horny drawn. You, uh And then we got sloppy drunk. You got to pick him up. Oh, my God. All over the place throwing up. We got the homegrown Ashley from Bellflower on line. Actually, what is the worst type of drunk you got to deal with? The floppy because then you gotta take care of on the love. They get into a fight. They don't want to leave and you're just like what kind of drunk are you? Let's be honest, because it's so easy to judge others. But what kind of drunk are you depends sometimes from the happy drunk. Sometimes I'm the most Were you hear a song? The reason Did you hear that muddy? You're like, Yeah. Who's the sloppy? Who's the sloppy drunk in your circle girl, But I'm picking her up with the name I want to put. One of the night was the first letter to her name. And what's the second one was end? Angela? Nice, Angela Angela. Sloppy ass thought, and that's why we cut her out of the circle. You know, that's what's so good job. You don't gotta hold their hair no more. She's throwing up. Let's go check in with my brother Christian from 1000 Oaks. Christian. What is the worst type.

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