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When you heard the news where were you when the towers came down? We've got all the audio at nj one five dot com. We've got all the stories of the of the people who lost their lives more people from jersey then from anywhere else. Eric where were you? I was at home getting ready to go to work. And when the when it started to become obvious. What was going on this before the towers even fell phone was ringing getting here right now. So drove into work as I was driving to work the first tower fell and then when I got to work. It was all hell broke loose. We're just trying to figure things out. I was assigned as the family liaison. So I was coordinating kids whose parents were either couldn't get out of New York or parents who had been killed or mother or father had been killed. In the in the tower collapse. So I was in charge of coordinating them. In fact, I I worked with people in the kids in the town in the town. And so we had relatives in. We had to find them get in a central location. And then find people who could actually watch them take care of them or house them somewhere. So we were we were working with that for most of most of that day into the next day. And as a matter of fact, one of my jobs was to work with the medical examiner's office for I worked for over a year with them until we finally identified through DNA the victims of our town. And then I went to the site. I worked the site. A there was one point NBC showed a clip of the site that hadn't been edited. And you could see the body parts. God you off really quick it was it was pretty emotional motion. Can't ever forget that. No you can't ever closure. I when I say when I when I talk to people, and they always devasta- don't try to make it so many more special. But unless you if you weren't there, the TV doesn't do it Justice. What if you were there? Nope. They got the cleaned up version. They got show this, right? Don't show that. Right. But you'd even the the emotions of the people that were there people pleading for you to find their loved ones as you were going into the site 'cause it was cordoned off. It was it was all very emotional, very draining and still to this day. I as a matter of fact, I was just thinking about it today. I I feel drained Phil tired, but I didn't really do anything strenuous tired because it's been emotion emotionally tiring, emotionally exhausting. Exactly. I was feeding traffic reports to WD ASO's analysis one. Oh, four five and AM FM and Eddie my last report because the night before the giants played the Broncos so giants coming out of the Super Bowl, which they lost their opening on Monday night football. They lose to Denver twenty one ten that. I know. And then so then like, I'm feeding the traffic report from home and I get a call from my dad saying. You know, the did you see what happened a plane crashed into the World Trade Center and the way he made it sound than what I'm thinking. My last report was eight forty five this happened at eight forty six. So my thing is, you know, a plane crash some some pilots screwed up and crashed, you know, a little boy does an accident. And then after turning it on, and then you realize no, this is an attack is in the second plane guys. And like, you said all hell breaks loose. And you're sitting there in stunned disbelief like, you know, what's going on like everybody else. Then I get a call from Philadelphia saying is what you're gonna do. You know, go to you're going to be on DAS for the rest of the day with two guys. When east Stephen Collins now, the Gary shepherd, and you're gonna J they're gonna ache or you're going to get all the information. You're going to handle the news, and the traffic and everything and all it was for the rest of the day was just every possible new source what's going on. Because no one knew. And even Accu said you knew before it happened. You gotta call before the tower came down. How did they know when they didn't know the towers coming down they were talking about after the planes crashed and everything and there was you know, how long I forgot even how long before the first tower came down. I mean, it was an hour. Maybe. Yeah. So the the calls came in. So we bid. Hey, get out of you that second plane hit. I think everybody knew this is an attack. So there was a recall for everybody just about the police. Bobby get in here. Now. I mean, we're how far we from New York. We're not far. So so I as a matter of fact, you we could stand outside of police headquarters and see the cloud of debris from indirection word, you know, the tower stood. So that's how close we were. So it was like getting here getting here now, and like you said more people from New Jersey lost their lives than anywhere else. Every every town, especially Central Jersey up lost them buddy just about that knows somebody or had somebody living in their town. That was the Perez stunned disbelief because you can't believe that it happened again with and while it's happening. You know, you're still go. You know, you're not done yet. The blow hadn't been delivered. The blow is continuing to be delivered an all day long. You know, just trying to find out more and more information trying to piece together like the whole world was you had gone happening Shanksville happy had planes that were being grounded planes. They couldn't find. So we all this is going on everybody's thinking. Wow, we're we're completely under attack. So in which we were so I mean, it was just it was chaotic and it was for not only for the normal citizen. But for police departments they were trying to coordinate trying to figure things out, and it was very chaotic for everybody giving you know, what the way they circle the wagons in you got right to the families of the people who were affected in your town. And got that going great. That's great police work. Yeah. I mean, it was it was. I mean, it was just wasn't just policemen. Firemen, you know, EMS the welfare director for our town was everybody involved in getting these these kids rounded up and getting information as much information as we could feeding it to to the kids if we, you know, your mom's we knew they were. Okay, your mom's. Okay. When she tried to make it back or your dad's. Okay. They're trying to make it back. Obviously. If we didn't hear from them. We didn't know, you know. We didn't know because nobody knew who died. So what was way too early? Yeah. But if you heard if you knew you relate. But if you couldn't hear most of the kids had no because nobody could contact anybody. The phones were all Creighton waiting have smartphones than we had now exactly everybody would be a quipped break. I saw the movie flight ninety three that movie will break your heart radio. And you think about the courage that these people, you know, we're gonna take our shot. Beamer went to church in the town. I worked at so really. Yeah. We knew his wife and all that. So. Yeah. I mean, it's crazy. Yeah. The the quarterback of my high school football team. Mike Tanner died in the towers file my cousin. Billy was the last guy on the boat. He worked in the second tower on the second floor. He got out. He was the last guy in the boat. And now, you know now he's in a home alcoholism. I remember talking to him. Cousin Ritchie had a party. Information party community party something like that for his kid, and I saw him a couple of weeks later. You know, they say, you know, we're talking about said, you know, do you wanna come and talk on the radio? You wanna come talk about it on the radio was like and you could use his face. I'll talk to you. Man, you know, and it just got the Jewish stole a lot of people can't talk about it. Absolutely. You know, and I understand so one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five it's been seventeen years. I want to know from you where were you when you found out? What was your connection to nine eleven? We got time coming up he was at ground zero worker. What's your story when he calls for the next two hours? It's nine eleven from nine to eleven. Here's New Jersey one zero one point five traffic. Dealing with a couple of wrecks.

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