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A run and we. Gotta, break obviously we, have a break they're like everybody. Else Yeah it could, it could have happens to. You know to the cups do in that situation you. Know the luck on our. Way you know Bartman In his job and and and and and moist says I catch the casual and. Then, the rest. Was history a couple more, minutes left, with Pudge Rodriguez here in the rich. Eisen show before we talk about your, son's playing, now Oh yeah For asking giants and. Garrick, Rodriguez now I know it's not spelled the, same way but is it named after he named her name is? Yvonne Yvonne. They're okay but his Derek Jeter, is, a No no no no really that was a. Desk that, was his mother's mother the middle name in. The middle, okay and, by his first name easy one he's doing well. Read, this is itching I'm very happy proud of, what he's doing you know he's he's only been for four years? Pitching he. Was you know he wasn't outfielder The twins yeah And from and the and the improvement that he's been. Doing for? Years Now they mechanic they stay back that you. They stay over the top and and and all his is doing great plus he has some great coaches You know the first couple. Of years. With the twins and also he's now with a great group of guys in the, giants organization you know when you see Johnny Cueto Baumgartner oh yeah so Marjo those guys are short talking to him a lot and he's, doing good but the one thing that. That the well. The president is is it looks like he's been in the big league or. Or thing, years and. He's. Not afraid to, throw strikes he's foreign one, he average a hundred pitches or star in throws sixty strike every single. Start you know they rose yeah And so when you throw them you throw as, you're gonna get a lot I wanna. Say this based. On based on the way I look the hair comes from the mother's side. Right yes, I see. Mine I? Mean. You and. I Yeah, here we go From the eyebrows Pretty much from. The. Eyebrows up okay via I use the the mobile banking I do that. All the time he's got that. On my phone I use it. All the phenomenal domino is good in a pawn it off with a. Bank of America, has you know Official Bank of major, league baseball and I'm I'm very happy. To partner with them, and this, week off a game and and the Arab I used to is very easy very. Fast and an Italian today's the way we live life that's, what we need something quick that we can get and and he's been working very good and and especially here you. Know. You'll start, game with, all the evil, is going on is. The best after us and looking forward later just to be also. In. The face I'm going to be there signing autographs again to be meeting. Greek would be also looking forward. To be the leader yeah I. Mean you know in between innings you could transfer funds you could pay. Bills right there I, use the mobile, app all the time. Hey good to see you sir And, you Do. This again let's do it against the Pudge Rodriguez here on the rich Eisen show the Commissioner of baseball's still to come top of the next hour rob Manfred when we come back in sixty seconds that Kawhi, Leonard news you're promising before don't.

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