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Back to another episode of the Holistic Eighty Post. once again at such an ONA privileged to have joining me on the shore listening in taking the time out of your busy busy life out of your schedule to make room for this. This is just It just blows my mind. USA. Thank you so much for those of you who are new to podcast. My Name Is Ellen I'm your host and I'm really really passionate about a Lotta things but one thing that I'm very, very passionate about at the moment is our emotional intimacy and establishing a very deep deep sense of closeness and related ability to our feelings and emotions. And in my upcoming nine month, he'll her program, which will be the lost intake four, twenty, twenty, four basically before I, reopened my schedule to work with our human beings again, This is something that will be a really primary focus in that in that program. Now, I put on Instagram the other day a little poll to see you know how many of you would be interested in working with me this year before the end of the year is up and ceremony. Many of you ask for more information and sorry This episode is not dedicated to my program, but I just wanted to let you know that if you're feeling that pool I see you and I acknowledge you and I will bring. I'll bring an episode and you episode of the Hosie PT Post at that is dedicated to the he'll pergram It will talk about what is involved how it works. You need how much it will cost the way that you can schedule that investment to work for you especially especially in a time like now where. I'M NOT GONNA pretend not some human beings aunt struggling financially. Oh, haven't lost their jobs on experiencing some form of hardship. so I just want you to know that that information will becoming a K. and into sit tied and I really appreciate your patience around that but it is an epic program is all about. Reclaiming, your truth, reclaiming your power, sharing your gifts becoming very emotionally intelligent with your self leveling up your consciousness as many many many is to the program and it something I am. So deeply on a bring to other people because it's something that I personally. Something that I personally have done myself for the last seven or eight years and it's changed my life. It has absolutely changed my life and because of that, I, just have so much reverence for where many of us are finding ourselves right now in the world with with everything that's going on a lot of a lot of stuff is being exposed in an uncovered in ways that can feel very vulnerable and we're being seen in a new watson. This just there's a lot happening in. So having someone in your corner to help you sort of come back to yourself and be in beef really grounded as you move through these things is just I kind of became to explain to you how that has helped me even just be here with you today even just say these words speaking tomorrow firing stare at the smarter fine recalled this episode. There's just sorry much that I'm grateful because of because of doing this this work for so long Sir it's just such a privilege in an honor to be able to give that to other people. Say. We. Went from Sony is very passionate not just about the work, but about you and. It's very beautiful. It's not easy, but it's very beautiful. Now today. I did a also deponent's Graham the other day around. A few topics that I was going to cover in just got to sort of art and most of you voted for all of the above and the options were. Essentially the first one was supporting. Those you love. During this time of isolation perceived helplessness, our feeling feeling larne feeling helpless. And being really being a source of support for other people and then the second one was sharing your gifts. You know if you couldn't fail what would you do What is it that you're afraid to do for yourself that would ultimately give you the freedom and the The Joy and happiness in your life that you desire. So deeply. So, sharing your gifts, your voice, your your message, your products, launching Your Business rotting that song older things that you are. So deeply passionate about desire soy very deeply That was another one, and then the third one was my wellness blueprint, which is really just the pill is that I feel have that I, used to support me through. A life you know like the terms of wellness. Health Wellness, whatever you WANNA call it. These are just things that I lean on to support me You know sorry an everyone was super enthusiastic. And you want it all of it so I will bring that to you in time and I hate to burst your bubble but I'm not talking about any of those things today, which is sorry. Typical of May. I found something else to be really passionate about four this week so. A lot of guys may have noticed. And I've seen some really beautiful messages in thoughts coming through that I have been hearing a lot about positively lately I did a massive instagram A bunch of massive instagram stories today It's currently. Wednesday. And then I've done a few parts about using positively how positively what we do sometimes unconsciously with positively as a way to bypass our emissions all all different, all different bits and pieces, but essentially. I want to share a little bit about positively today because. It. Here's the thing right and I, say this a lot. I will never ever And this is something one of my mentors set in just stuck with me. facade long. I will never ever. Tell you to slap a positive. Over negative ride or slap a positive or something that you're feeling that you perceive to be negative Ohad right or you're experiencing some sort of hardship or anger or emotional expression or release. And the reason that I won't tell you to put positivie over that is because. positivity can really serve as a band aid in those circumstances right? Can you see how that might that might actually joust? Work like a band aid. We slap it ova the real. Problem you know and it just an honestly in their service. True to that. Sometimes, we need to just slap a positive one to get through something perhaps you know a tough conversation with your boss where you don't feel safe any circumstance where you don't feel safe to express yourself You know it might just be Marmon at simply. Put on a brave face I. Smile be positive But then but then my loves. This something more to it. Right. So let's kind of look at positively right. So it has been my experience that are in the past I have used positively positively as a way to. Owners break my. Break my negativity right now whenever we think that we need to be positive, it often is implying that it is not safe or it is not okay to be negative and these are really interesting things to me because whenever and it's not just positivity anything anything that we perceive as wrong bad shouldn't be doing You know we're we're often we're going to go the other direction and almost over the thing right so.

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