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A medical scientist named frederick banting convinced. The director of the university of toronto's physiological laboratory. John macleod to let him in a med student. Charles best boroughs lab space to investigate this link. They found it ingenious. Way to reverse the effects of diabetes. They i took out the pancreases of dogs to artificially induced diabetes as the previous researchers had done after months of experiments. They then removed an extract from the pink. Radic islet cells of a healthy dog and injected into a dog with diabetes called marjorie. They managed to keep her alive for seventy days before she died of an infection. This sacrifice however was a turning point as it marked the first animal to be kept alive by this new treatment the substance they injected would later be named insulin the story of banting and best and their quest to solve the medical mystery is legendary in the history of science but as is often the case. Things are not so simple with. I would be too controversial. Banting got the credit because he genuinely believed that he had discovered in sealant. I'm stewart bradwell. I have an expert on the history of insulin. Strathclyde university at. I'm currently writing a book for the centenary traditional story of insulin.

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