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See if you can find. Dalen? I tweeted it earlier in the week to to honor the AFC departure, the AFC north departure of of the mighty vont has birthed. It is that the national call by Jim Nance is great and everything the Cincinnati play by play is jest magic. When you know in hindsight that ninety seconds later. They're about to lose. Oh, we're gonna hear it here. Let me just set the scene. So the the Bengals have rallied at home. They've not been Rothlisberger out of the game. The Steelers were up fifteen nothing the bungles rally to take a one point lead with a minute forty left in the playoff game. This is the craziest game you've ever seen coaches going onto the field and pulling players hair and so on and so forth to I'm these aren't really rivals because the Steelers always beat the Bengals in big spots. But finally, the Cincinnati faithful think they're they're heroes are about. To get over backup. Qb Landry Jones in for Pittsburgh. And here's what happens with the Bengals up on one forty three on the clock. I in ten Pittsburgh down by point Landry. Jones back to throw from his five over the middle. Away with. With one minute and thirty six. And. Running into the tunnel. Room. He has one inside the five gaming, no sense. He better come back out before there's a penalty flag. What you just ran off the field. The game's going man they didn't even throw a flag on that post grip. The steel immediately. Fumbled the Bengals do and Rothlisberger drives them down the field. And they win the game. And the Bengals fans go on thirty six better Pangalos moment that moment or why coming out on the Mike and screaming in Cleveland that will save you can find that one that against that's against the Seahawks. That to me is the greatest moment and coaching I've ever seen. So that's the greatest in coaching. That's rivalry talk. That's good stuff. We'll get say M Y. Oh, here we go. Here we go. So somebody at a Bengals game against the visiting Seahawks. Somebody through something onto the field. So Bengals head coach says I need to address the home crowd before we move on. Buddy. This field point about out of here. You cleveland? Cleveland? Here's the question on the field where the hell did he come up with a microphone from? But I love the notion. I love the notion when you're going at one group, and you frag another six when when when Shetland Tom shales was busting my ass for doing the man show. And at some point said, he does another show called love line where he sits next to a smugly preening. Dr drew like somehow drew got sucked into a bad man show review. And I always I always I love it when they do this like I always picture like Jimmy Carter like driving down the street and someone's going, oh, look at Trump, and that guy's an embarrassment. He's embarrassment. He's a pompous ass. And then some other guy jumps in and goes. Yup. I'll look at look at. Carter. That guy's fabled. Those wife and a and a gentleman everyone loved him and Jimmy said driving his truck and smiling, and he was worst president ever. He goes on the road. I do. Using. Nothing started off so good. It got so bad Cincinnati. You're the best. We're glad to have you in the division. No matter. How good the Browns are maybe the ravens will win the division again. At least the Steelers fans always have the the Bengals to look down upon. Hey, let me tell you about vivid seats with college basketball reaching the peak of its annual mountain here, and of course, NHL playoffs and NBA playoffs ni-, and before you know, it college football..

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