UCF, Jay Barrett, Duke discussed on Pull Up with CJ McCollum


You know, what you're actually doing pretty well this column for one I really trusted by God with conducted though. I'm I'm going to everything revolves around that my preseason big. But, you know, do is unhappy you brought that up because I think people are finally seeing that as talented as Duke is, and they are incredibly talented. You know, this team has not played at best basketball down the stretch Zion was hurt and they're just not a great opposite team. I mean, they can score in bunches because they have great one on one player than athlete, but they don't shoot the three well at all can been the bottom of the ANC all league are all year, including threes. And I think when you see them defensively. You know, they made some mistakes against UCF. No UCF. Give them a log credit. Taco was really good. I thought he played great Taylor was terrific and redocking appro. I mean, I give them a ton of credit. But but I just thought do from a protein that we were expecting to be this juggernaut that we certainly seen from them. I just didn't think they play. Well, and they really haven't played all that. While the last month. I don't think they played particularly well either I think they're stars showed up obviously Zaia at a big bucket down the stretch misses the free throw allows Jay Barrett. The other since ational freshman to come up with the rebound in put them up by one. But if you look at the way UCF controlled the game at the way, the guarded the Duke offense allowing some of those guards just have wide open shots more. Specifically that clip that went viral on the player from UCF waving his hand. At the Dugard's insisting on them shooting it as they turned down. Jumper after jumper from the top of the key. I think that the blueprint is kind of out on how to guard the other players outside of RJ bear camera Shinsei on obviously, the players are talented, but they lack some of the essential skill sets needed to to be dominated on the perimeter shooting threes and being able to jump shots as is crucial especially in incidently tournament when it's more about a half court offense and being able to score in in crunch pressure situations. So you're out you about that is because I agree with you. I think you saw blueprint from a team, and yeah that clearly an oddity Johnny Dawkins being able so long really knew how to guard them. But that idea of loading up on Diane loading up on Barrett. And you'll even read it the only thirty three percent on the year from three Barrett. Thirty one Williamson thirty three and trade. Twenty three. So the idea that you can load up on Barrett and Williamson and force radish and Jones beat you. Those guys are really talented. But I think that's the best chance you have to try and beat Duke..

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