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So lisa. I've been thinking about dracula lately well. You've got to follow your heart miles. I mean yes that obviously but also you know how blade the vampire vampire hunter is super intent on destroying dracula i do well dracula's been around being a vampire jerk for centuries now right. Are there any other vampires in the marvel universe. I were seeking revenge on the big d hannibal king lilith and spitfire for starters. There's probably a few more but my favorite is bessie. Bessie bessie was an ordinary calvin seventeenth century switzerland. She was a happy cow in hong. The farmer loved her and took care of her then one night. Dracula came along slurped up a a bunch of her blood like a jerk. The next morning hans founder desiccated corpse and buried her but three days later she rose from the dead is held cow a bloodsucking bovine fiend who fed on farmers as she single-mindedly mindedly but for stomach lee sought vengeance on the scene to intern her wow i kind of wish how coward gotten her own series me too but seeing as howard the duck stater gator pun intended in her first appearance an ongoing title was kind of out of the question bomber agreed actually are bunch of characters from the seventies howard the duck comic that i'd love does does he get their own book darko. The frogman doctor bong the kidney lady heathcliff rochester gothic real estate agent did anyone who first showed up in one of those old howard doc stories ever get their own comic. Yeah there was this one group of costumed characters who first showed up in the marvel universe and howard the duck number twelve. They had a pretty successful one shot sweet wheat. Who were they kiss. I'm miles stokes and i leave the winters slipping in for jay editon and we're here to explain the x. Men because it's about time somebody did welcomed episode. Two hundred fifty eight chain miles explain the x. men where we walk through the ins out and wreck tons of comics greatest superhero soap opera br and welcome to you lisa. Thank you for being on the show. Thank you for inviting me very kind of you so i'm trying to describe how we knew each other through true hub <hes> who does the podcast tighten up the defense but you also do a podcast with hub. Yes hub is also my husband and not being creepy. That's his name. No no so we do a podcast called what the duck a podcast most foul but with the w because he's a duck that's the full name of the show and there's a really horrible title that i have to remember to say every single time. I'm impressed though you use it on the first. Try would take me like six. I've been practicing. It usually takes fair enough but today we're going to be talking about kind of strange strange comic book comic strip thing so i was thinking i know you're not as dedicated inexperienced of comics person as hubbard but you have read a lot of comics <hes> analytically through that show you've experience with comic strips and as i understand you've awesome lit crit experience of your own as well yeah i. I like to read things. Maybe a little too critically and i'm really the biggest thing that the the biggest thing that i'm excited ended about is i am curious about how comics are made. It is a medium. I'm not super familiar with. I'm trying to figure them out. When i read and i maybe a little bit too generous with <hes> like allowing plot points most recently. I'm fascinated by the fact that it's actually a business that you have to continue to produce things that people purchase so talking talking about that in the context of this book is really exciting..

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