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The Bears game last night, you didn't spike to miss the Theo Epstein press conference. I kind of expected that, too. Yeah, we expected that. I mean, soon, At least, I thought he would still come back and at least like, help out or advise, But it was a clean break. I think you and I both had the same feeling though that look A lot of big decisions or so it appears to be made about some of these players and their destinies. That would be odd for Theo to make a long term decision on what they want to do with Kris Bryant or with right, Javi bias in him, not be part of the organization and long term fashion, either. This was a very professional way for him to actually separate himself from the organization. On that front, right? Even without covert. They had these huge decisions to make it be different if, like Kris Bryant was signed a long term deal. Hobby was signed to a long term deal, and all the other things that are up in the air weren't up in the air. Oh, yeah, they're Castro's right. Why let someone navigate the crossroads if they're not going to be here? No, I think you get through. I think that's a good business decision on the Cubs behalf. I think it's a good decision on Theo's bath. If Theo said that he's going to become a Cubs season ticket holder and that they will live In Chicago, at least until he gets his new job wherever that gets cold, and then well, I think he's a cold weather guy. He grew up in Boston, and now he's here. He say. Love's in Chicago. He met he met the media for about an hour. I don't think that was there anything or shattering that stood out T you because not for me? No, I did. I mean, Didn't hear it all. Like I'm Gotta be honest with you. I kind of push away from all management Coach talk right now. It's just I'm inundated with it in my brain swells turning your stomach just like this. Again. I'm not an apathetic bears fan right now. But by the same token, I find it hard to drum up and intense. Anger because I've seen the same damn thing now for for 33 straight games, basically. Yeah. I want to get into that two years. I want to get into that to Joe on the southwest side. They wanted to bring up a thought about Theo. Joe. You're on Waddle in Sylvie. Good afternoon. Good afternoon, guys. How are you where we're hanging in there today? I get a football hangover, Joe. Yeah, Me too. Me too. You know, here's an interesting way to tie it all in today. Um, What is your thought on feel Epstein as a Z G. M for the Bears. You know, given thinks has done it. I think there's precedent there and he went from the I think it was the opposite way. You went from the barest of the cubs, but, um, you know, I think that that would be a pretty interesting fit there. I don't. I don't know. I don't know there. How? It translates to be honest with you, Joe. I mean, like, if you want to bring him in as a president, but then will oversee things right? If Ted could be the president, anyone could be There you go. That's the point there. I mean, that is such a good point, but to be the general manager Picking the talent? No, that's not what that's not what John McDonough did with the with the Blackhawks. He oversaw the culture he oversaw the way they hired. He saw the way they changed their business to make it all about winning and her only winning and I'm for George is a huge Cubs fan in huge Blackhawks fan and I would pick a brain of a John McDonough on the hiring process he brought in Remember. It was very unpopular when he brought in Joe Quinn Ville. You know they were basically Denis Savard. That was ah, bad PR GM at the time was a talent was still talented, baby. I mean, in Tallinn did a pretty nice job really good building that you know the future of that roster, Right? Right. And if I'm George, I go to Theo. And I say, Look, how do I find this guy? How do I find you in football? Can you help? Can you advise, Can you? I don't like some people have. I won If he was announced tomorrow. The field I've seen is the president of the Bears. I'd be happy, but I don't think this is feasible or likely. And but if I'm George, I would certainly Pick up the phone and talk to him about the process. Don't want feel picking my next starting left tackle with no disrespect meant to Theo, but he's inside your organization. Took care of your sports organization or your business. You got a pretty damn good track record right in Theo and and the way baseball guys when he came along, starting with Oakland and Billy Beane and With money ball and everything they thought differently of baseball. They started thinking differently, and it's a way you could pick Theo's brain. Hey, I'm George McCaskey. I need to think differently on the way we do business here. Where do I start? Who do I start with? I don't think that's a bad phone call to make little consultant fee in the process. You sure? Yeah. Maybe do it for the you know, he's not getting that 10 million this year, which is going to save the Cubs. Everybody look, I'd rather have him call him then another old school football guy who's been retired for 15 years. You know what I mean? I'm a listen at this point. I'm open to anything because the past hasn't worked. Dre in Denver, You're on ESPN 1000 High Dre a question quick question for Tommy water and enough to get a little comparison. Waddle has the defense. Everyone beat the offense up. During the game. Oh, I know that when, when Richard Dent was angry, I left the field as quickly as possible. And rich had every reason to be pissed it all of us because we didn't hold up our end of the bargain. So that animosity can't happen. I'm just I am shocked Dre, that this are this defense has been is a patient with this offense as they have. I guess. Eddie Jackson had some words. I don't want to. You know, I don't know exactly what was said. But they're I guess The message was about accountability. And if it wasn't directed at the offensive should have been Okay. Now, here's my comparison. Here's my statement. Or or whatever. Um, we blame Ted Phillips. Like car we blame. I blame myself. You know, this reminds me of that movie 50 shades of gray, you know? The Bears are a nice like the lady. She thinks she was married this nice or getting with this nice doctor, this handsome guy, and then all of a sudden they could go out in the next. You know, he likes whips and likes to be, you know, dress up as the message is it he likes to dress up as a gift. Well, I just want the best. That's what the Bears are doing. The last man, I mean way we set out the cook for the games. I flew down to Atlanta couple weeks ago for outside Game event. You know, way and then they do this to us. They take us in the back room and pull out whips and changes and start beating us. It's still enoughto like it and then train me after years. You keep coming back again. That's commentary about you, my friend. Are you gonna sing your safe word? We're getting used to getting beaten. We used to all these were just getting used to this crap. And they're just doing it to us over a year after year after year after year, and how long have you been called the show? Years, man years, and it's with the same thing over and over again. I never thought the Dre in Seattle now Dre in Denver would be would ever quote 50 shades of cry. I didn't think you were that guy. Me neither. But I'm looking at. Why am I so angry after this game last night? Why am I so mad? Why am I so upset? I'm looking at you. I blame myself for picking the wrong guy. Wrong thing. I felt the same way like I feel a bit to moralize two bit dejected. Anger is not my top emotion right now. Because this is the same company be used to getting big You supporting the room again wept all the time Now, Tommy, you're used to it. I don't. I don't anticipate ever having a craving for it. Tray like you got to say there's no odd feeling of satisfaction from it at the moment, but I'm just throwing. What can we do what we do in truth called Drain right there. After all the years we owe a patent bearing 10 Pat, you're on ESPN 1000..

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