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Kyrie where scary with a delightful sure um i gotta being what an a la as a great sure does it carries as i have an irrational love and devotion towards newscasters be they devastatingly handsome brian williams for not wolf blitzer zero shame i'm dang near convinced that chuck todd could be one of the world's most dashing men if only he'd lose the go t aaron can we see a picture of that oh oh la seats there's vomit bags if you need them he looks like at 5all became a man what's emily how do you feel about this i feel like he could see the future with us glass say oh that's good i really think i was on board until the spurs dairy specific example yeah so i'm going to think about it now i think i mean it's like as a concept there are a lot of people in that category have you seen a picture of young dan rather there's a here my gosh all my word like magically appearing i say it allow their why other weren't like that but it is ice cream but but yeah the chuck todd thing is what makes me go you have questionable it was tough gatx i can't be your rider to come like all the other people who tell the news all the women all of them are better like those weirdos on fox boxing they are harder is heard about that don't at at that out okay we'll emily livardo well i was going to say led but now as they going to get has has to die last one zero look who were sarah sarah sitting right next to george wow i love it let's work on some stuff later okay uh she says i used to have the biggest crush all through middle and high school on dominic monaghan okay fair their blood not as charlie from loss.

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