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Those that was a low while a back but. I remember remember where it was because on in Japan on your phone, you'll get an alert message way. There's an earthquake when there's a typhoon and I remember sitting in my apartment and Kawasaki. A. God. What a shit box. A sitting in my apartment in Kawasaki and I'm on Mama bed my phone is we we we like. MC OATS and earthquake and I look it's like, oh no, it's like North Korea has fired missiles over top of support like. Live in Sapporo I don't care. Whatever go nuke Sapporo doesn't matter he. To be honest though. Nobody thinks about North Korea here, lick no millionaires. Zero present. It's really it's Kinda just like he's he's that boogeyman in the corner but like really cares that he's there because in been sabre-rattling for twenty years and never done anything like, oh, he shot a missile it's. Okay. Gotcha so so it Down so how bad was going to actually be right? Yeah. Do you feel like you're military's a pretty advanced? Japan doesn't have a military. Oh, no, we have. We have the US that's right but you don't have any. You don't have any military assistance. Japan has the STF, the Super Defence Force, the Special Defense Force. Equipped like the US military like they have f twenty two raptors up. But they're like a much smaller after world. War Two they had to sign like a decree that they couldn't have a standing army. Offense. Force of x amount of people and whatever. So they have. Similar technology but they're not don't have a standing army. Gajah. Okinawa, all the bases in Okinawa there's a there's a base in Zama, which is like maybe twenty minutes from where I live. There's people here. So America has an interest of not having their own people get bombed. Yes. So realistically, they'll mobilize if they really have to Gotcha Yeah Yeah I, you know for forgetting about world, war two and stuff like that. It's it's so funny I mean obviously it was you know about one hundred years ago started me a less than one hundred years ago and stop. But yeah we kind of got over and we're kind of we're all kind of friendly chill like after even Germany as well. I? Think it's interesting. Some people some people. Yeah. You've to people in Okinawa a lot of people like we don't want the Americans their interesting. Really. Yeah. It's always been a it's always been contentious thing to like get out like we understand after World War Two, it made sense. But now are sixty years removed like you don't need to.

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