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His contract is up after wrestlemanias contract is up in April. And he won't be resigning and the statement that WWE made said that he could return anytime to the WWE. So I guess we'll talk about both of those the first one we'll talk about is Deo Itami. So if this is true because WWE hasn't actually released a statement as of this recording on day. Oh, but assuming this is true Hideo Itami is a really interesting case. I think that he's probably at this point. He's a good case for. A release Deo Itami. It's time for day. Odom Dominy to do something else that day, Tommy experiment in WWE did not pan out. And it's really interesting sometimes people come you. Don't you look at it look at it this way, I was at the TV taping. When Daiwa Tommy made his debut. It was the same TV tapings when Finn ballor made his debut, and when Daiwa Tommy made his debut, it said Kenta on the video screen because that's what he had wrestled as in Japan. I big Japanese signing, by the way was Kenta who became the text morphed away. It became a day with Tommy prince Devitt came out, do you? Remember, remember prince Devitt prince Devitt came out, the text morphed away on the screen, and here's Finn ballor. Now, you look at it. Both people were actually wrestling at the Royal rumble pay per view, Hideo Itani was unsafe both on success. Really both in title matches day. Oh itami. Of course, not able to win the cruiserweight championship in the two five live four way on the pre show and Finn valor. Of course with the Brock listener match who was also unsuccessful, but I would say fin Ballard's match slightly higher profile look day with Tommy came in with a ton of buzz. I was super excited when Daiwa Tommy got to annex t I remember Daiwa Tommy, you know, was kind of somebody that was looked at as this guy is gonna be the next champion. This was at a time when annex t wasn't about signing. Indie guys with a whole bunch of buzz necessarily. This is a time before takeovers meant that somebody was going to be showing up in the front row. And it was whoever the hottest guy from PWG or evolve or any of those promotions were this was a time when Sammy's ain't had come over. But like L generic, oh was a big. Star in ring of honor and across the independence, and he comes to annex t they make him take his mask off changes. Gimmick changes name do not even reference the fact that he ever wrestled as that character. After that. And and that was the for and it was like, whoa, right WWE? I am Kevin steam comes into annex t and they changes name. They don't change his style as much, and they kind of start to acknowledge it was it was that class where they kind of started to acknowledge people's past. And they certainly did that with Daiwa Tommy when he debuted. But. It wasn't like okay Kent is here. Now, he's going to go straight. If he had come to annex t within the last year, he wouldn't have changed his name. He would have been close to the main event already like, I think it would have been a very very different thing. I think. But either way it didn't work. So my best memory of him. In annexed t was at the next t- wrestlemainia show before wrestlemainia thirty one in Silicon Valley, which I believe his match from that show is on one of the best of annex t DVD's. It was never televised. So this was before they did a takeover alongside the big five pay per views. So the next year wrestlemainia thirty two they I think they did a take over Dallas. I think that was the first wrestlemainia takeover show, but wrestlemainia thirty one that was one had kind of just started to do roadshows when they started to take their live events out on the road because they started to develop stars that was the show that I talked to Finn. Valor about recently when Finn valor was last on the podcast, go back a couple of weeks, and you can listen to that..

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