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Energy of this film doing well in these kind of conversations there's clearly an appetite for people who are are wonderful term going around the exhausted majority of people must be getting exhausted just being hammered all the time. Right. I mean, I think there's a for lack of a better word of backlash like people are just tired. And so when someone comes out, and they're like, hey, let's let's deescalate. Let's let's be friendlier. Let's try to be kinder to each other. I mean, you'll the malcontents are always gonna lose their shit and say, why would I be kind to Belleville winder reason to to borrow whatever and jump into that? But I seeing a sort of a backlash against the dehumanisation of the other this sort of petty tribal Listrik thing, it's still hard to talk about Islam. We were talking about the job to know hit job day on my social media pages. Yazmin Muhammad was talking. About that. And I'm retweeted some stuff and people immediately descended and said, you know, you're an Islamophobe your man why in the world, but you care about human rights issues is essentially what they're getting. And I'm like well because I'm a human being part of the human condition at it matters. But you know, Islam just seems to continue to be this sensitive nerve. And if you bring it up in any critical sense, you are the ad hominem just kick in immediately. And that's going to be a tough hurdle to get over. Yeah. Yeah. I think I think we need as we're talking. I was thinking with a ad hominem was in the temperature that can especially online get to wear debts. We just need to cut each other a break, you know, like this thing kind of hard. Wipe is hard life is complicated. And we need to cut each other break. Start in good faith that we're all trying our best in really try to understand the other. It's not always true. Unfortunately, some people just don't want to have a conversation that if we start with just giving each other the benefit of the doubt that life is hard life is complicated. And we're all trying to figure this thing out. I think we could we could make a lot of headway more than just starting with who's my enemy. What team are you on? Try ballistic stance is killing us, obviously, only only an American white male Islamaphobia say that I'm. Arina did any of your percentage change, obviously? Can I like to that too? It's accurate joke. But I do want to I wanna give if I could do this maybe people will allow me I can give even the benefit of the doubt since people making those accusations, go, go, please breath, the regressive laughed in this identity. Politics. Intersection -ality, kind of madness that we've all seen if I if I give a try something here that gosh, I'm not even sure how to do it as a white male. I'll try this as a white male who grew up in a comfortable suburb. I grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania to an I happen to be born into a family that was very supportive of my intellectual explorations. I never had God pushed down my throat. I did have a bar mitzvah group in the Jewish culture, which we can talk about. But I never really felt a strong pressure to conform to any least ideological views. I was able to explore was lucky enough to have a little money with my family that I did some traveling that was crucial to my life. All of these things if you. To call that privilege be my guest. And and and I just don't want that to be a slime label. Okay. So if I was able to enjoy the privilege of an intellectual experts that started when I was young in an education that was pretty decent. That's that's all an accident of birth. I didn't choose any of that. I'm lucky to have it lucky. I can't take responsibility for it..

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