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As freshmen and the pandemic in their junior and senior years, these graduates showed strength and resilience, which makes him proud. Also says that because of them he's never been more optimistic about our future. At 6 32. It's becoming safer for folks vaccinated against coronavirus to travel again. The CDC no longer consider 62 destinations to have the highest risk of covid that includes Japan, Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, Spain and Germany. They've all been lower to level three at a White House Covid advisor says This is his last day on the job, Andy Slavitt always considered it a temporary role. He told reporters that 13 states have now met President Biden's fourth of July goal early to have 70%. Of adults partially or completely vaccinated. But it turns out that one age group is proving to be quite the success story when it comes to the most benefits from the vaccines. A new study by the CDC in Atlanta shows older Americans for the most part of hit a home run by getting their shots, Researchers found the largest decline in cases, hospitalizations and deaths came among those 65 older digging deeper into the numbers. There was a 59% drop versus 55% for those in the 18 to 49 age Group. As of this week, the CDC says more than 86% of older Americans have received at least one dose of the vaccine. That's far above the goal that President Biden is set for the July 4th holiday when he wants to see at least 70% get one shot. That's Rob Stadler, 6 33 and rescuers in Mexico are trying to reach passengers trapped in the aftermath of a deadly bus crash about 50 workers from a Honda car factory were on board when the bus flipped over and landed on its side. This happened just miles from the San Diego border. Tijuana police say At least seven people are dead and dozens more injured. And school is officially out this afternoon for the summer, which means plenty of pool parties across town. Beware of the pandemic pool effect..

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