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Josh Powell made one other drive between Washington and Utah. That deserves a closer look. I mentioned it in episode nine of cold it. It occurred just before Mother's Day in May of two thousand ten. You might remember. Police were surveilling Josh. He made an unexpected trip from his dad's house to to this Era Circle House Josh left the House and we started to follow him and we followed him all the way back to Salt Lake City. So that was I mean. I literally drove the Washington one day then the next day that's US Marshal Daryl Spencer who took part in the operation with West Valley officers extremely hard to watch him because no he's of course driving exactly sixty five miles an hour the whole way and to follow someone clandestine secretively through multi-state was extremely difficult but we did it. The FBI's tracking order was expiring. We can lose them because we didn't know where he was going or what he was doing. What Josh was doing was grabbing the last of his and Susan's personal belongings from the Sarah Circle House as Josh approached the Salt Lake Valley on? Utah's Legacy Parkway. He started snapping photos on an icon. DSL ES L. are from the driver's seat of his minivan. Police didn't realize this until more than a year later after. They seized Josh's computers from his dad's home with a search warrant aren't on August twenty fifth. Two thousand eleven. That's when they recovered copies of those photos. The pictures Josh took have never been released. I I was able to retrieve copies with the help of digital forensics experts Trent Levitt and Kaley Richmond from the firm Bailey. They donated time time expertise and equipment to the effort. The Camera Josh used did not have. GPS capability so there are no coordinates hidden in the METADATA. But but I've managed to Geo locate all of them using a combination of Google Earth and street view. Imagery they show. Josh did not drive directly to his and Susan's home in West Valley Valley. Instead he I put into the International Center a business park west of Salt Lake City International Airport. He took a few photos in the parking lot of an office. Spilling on Wright brothers drive then went around the block to the wells. Fargo Call Center where Susan had worked time stamps on the photos show. He only stayed there for about two minutes then. He drove to his old work at Aspen. Logistics all along the way Josh took pictures nothing in particular just streets road signs and traffic same thing after he left Aspen and drove to the Circle House. Pictures of nothing. Josh packed the minivan to the Brim when he departed for Washington late that same night. A roof box and an old bicycle were on top. A tow hitch. Cargo carrier hung off the back back loaded down with two large blue plastic barrels. Police Tailed Josh into Idaho. Keeping an eye from a distance but made it extremely easy Z.. To watch him from a distance because you had the large fifty five gallon drum on top of a minivan you know northbound sixty five so that the Gandara was there to help us out. Police surveillance logs show Josh pulled off of. I eighty four at exit. One Ninety four in southern Idaho at about two twenty a m. He slept there until ten thirty A. M. That exit is just two miles beyond the canal. Where Josh Stop for five minutes at two? AM on his December. Two thousand nine drive to Washington after waking on that may morning Josh. Josh preceded westbound on eighty four toward boise. He'd only gone about ten miles before he stopped. He took his camera. Stepped tapped out of the mini van and walked into the weeds alongside the interstate. Josh took four photos of a farmer's field on it were irrigation sprinklers covered in ice. Maybe it's a clue or maybe it's Unrelated to anything having to do with Susan. He could have been driving by this. Some fight is is unusual as it would seem to you and I he could be driving by then go Alex Alex Cool and and he believes he's phenomenal photographer and he likes the ice. It's coming off the wheels watering stuff and so he's Gals I'm thinking Greg Rogers the former FBI undercover agent told me he doesn't believe Josh's brain functioned the way yours or mine. Might you have to understand he. He has no remorse at all for killing killing Susan. All of this happening to him. Now it's just inconvenient but it has nothing to do with him filling badly about what he did so if he sees something that interests him so you know. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised when you saw. That was cool. Pick a few hours down. The road and Josh stopped again. This time in Oregon north of Ontario in in rural mail your county. He shot more photos of the scenery at the side of the road. I mentioned these shots in episode fifteen of cold. Since that time I've had the opportunity to visit the site myself. It sits at the crest of a hill surrounded by more more hills ranch land of the old Oregon Trail Evista bare of trees. To to the east the land falls away into a tributary of the Snake River called Wheel Gulch. Josh took eleven pictures here. Many of his van others of the landscape one of a soaring Hawk the photos have not previously been published. But you can see them right now at the cold. PODCAST DOT COM. Ask yourself as you look at them. What might have josh been thinking? As he stood there wind in his hair road noise roaring behind him was this just I his art. That would make perfect sense to him to you. I would think wow. How can you be interested in art or photography or you murdered? Did your wife brutally but to absolute psychopathic. That doesn't that's just an inconvenient fact..

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