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You know what I'm Gonna I'm noticing as we talk it your hair. You're yes I get the impression that when you're on the show you comb your hair in a deliberately peculiar way in real life. It doesn't look anything thing like that in real life. It looks like a regular person's head now an when I watch it on television. He seemed to have this very high. POMPADOUR is if you're playing a character. Yeah what is that. It was just me. I know you're used the word peculiar and I take offense. I didn't come all the way down here told them. My hair is peculiar. No not at the moment at the moment but on television It is a My goal is for it to look like a Belgian pastry the shop window that you WANNA take a bite out of You know it's funny when I I you know why does where do these things happen. something along with my interesting comedy that started to grow as my interest in the music from the nineteen fifties And as early Elvis. Not Elvis once you know once he went to You know the big time. But when he's I made his recordings in in Memphis I I got really interested in that kind of music playing that kind of music and scene of singing seeing if I could sing that rockabilly Kinda music and gene Vincent and I don't know why again again I was out of time because now it's the nineteen eighty. I'm not supposed to be listening to that. You know but I'm but that's what I'm listening to and became a little obsessive about it and so I grew my sideburns burns long and I realized that my hair had the ability to it has a key a wave in it and I could pile it up and I don't know why it's compulsion it's compulsion but I did it and I think I turned myself into a little bit of a a character so you continue to do it deliberately deliberately has kind of you know and it's not even really a choice. It was like a compulsion. I just don't know why but I it's maybe it's an obsessive compulsive but I would pile my hair up and go out and if you look at I mean it used to be far crazier but if you look at some of the early shows from the nineties It is is a three d structural marvel one of the wonders of the woods that cantilevered. You know it's something that you'd have to have architects. Come in and say hey. We need load-bearing. It's coming out at an eighty degree. Angle you could hang Christmas ornaments off of. It was an absurdity and I don't know what I was doing It has calmed down a lot since then You know it reminds me of. WC fields one of the things about him is that he created a character that it was impossible to imitate without stealing from him. Yes and nobody combs their hair. That way in for good reason nobody everybody wanted to dress like Johnny Carson. He had a line of suits and everyone wanted to be like Johnny Carson I decided to stake out territory that nobody would want and take the hair Did it have something to do with the character you were playing. Did you think of playing a character has the talk show host you you know. I think I had. An idea is not so much that it'd be a character but I think on some level there's part of me that thought it's important. I'm to be easily caricatured if you're in this business because there's lots of people in comedy and so I had There's no mistaking me. I'm easily drawn. A child could draw a CONAN. O'Brien caricature very easily because it's a couple of freckles beady little eyes is and then This massive desert on my head and yeah they're Conan t shirts that are just the silhouette of the hair and I thought. Yeah Okay I see I see on some unlevel way. I did that just you know. Let's just make it Something that can be reduced to about four.

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