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Our number three we go around the NBA the law night of action in the association will also do an NFL bounce a lot of free agency talked there and we'll go off the radar again a news report you may have missed Charles Barkley responding to dream on green and only Charles Barkley fashion but before we get the top five choose zero scrolling through my timeline and apparently Jackson state remember Jackson state had the got snacks the I. team manager who came in to launch the three the last time he was on there and made a basket became a viral and national sensation I'm assuming this is the SWAC tournament and Jackson state has a large lead in apparently fell Hey we're gonna get snacks back in the game and I think **** was supposed to just dribble out the clock so that's basically dribbles along the like around the right three point line and launches a and I'm trying to describe this the best way that I can't first of all he pushes off on a guy when he gets the ball shows this guy basically out of bounds like no and then he takes a running launched three are over about a six foot nine guy are predictably the shot comes out about five foot short and the other team goes the other way and I guess the other team was not really feeling it they played a little bit more defense on snacks then what happened the last time he was out there but it is still a viral sensation we always have fun on Tuesday we do top five Tuesday today we were talking about free agency we just said you know what we're gonna do our five favorite free agent signings of all time so number five Andrew general number five for your top free agents sign number five I do it Howard Dwight Howard interesting that you would have Dwight Howard on their number five for me was Reggie white going to the Packers and again I'm not just doing the the ones that I love to wrote it would be Chris bosh going to the heat jawan Howard not going to the heat you know there would be stuff like that so I didn't want to just go along those lines I wanted to give you my five favorite some of the more impactful ones as well jab at number four on your list number four I had PJ Tucker when he signed with the rockets and this is back in the summer they also got Chris Paul who may or may not show up on my list as well PJ's been such an integral part of what the rockets have done in the culture that they tried to build during Chris Paul's first season there and look at his shoe game enough warrants a spot on the top five here's what I'll say about PJ Tucker he is the perfect complement to that team you get peak PJ Tucker because he's a guy that you're not drawing plays for he's not an ego guy he's not begging for the ball he does his job he'll rebound he'll set screens and then he knocks down a lot of clutch shots in the year that they should have gone to the NBA finals what I like those first two games I don't think Houston minutes missed a jump shot what everything every time they have an open jumper against the warriors the ball when in the problem was they used them all up in games one through five of them were Chris Paul's hamstring exploded are they could nobody can make a shot down the stretch but Tucker is a perfect fit for that he's a guy that you know reminds me a little bit of Mario Elie when Ellie was on those teams are going to they were different positions but Ellie always seem to knock down that little push button jump shot that we have from the outside he always withdraw charge you would always grab a rebound you know you always come up with a big pop up blocker and a sister something like that and it seems like Tucker is that guys Tucker really beloved in Houston he's arguably outside of the star guys he's the most beloved rocket player Miami gets the same thing were you Donna's Haslem hassles in years seventeen I believe and he's already said this is going to be his last season in the NBA he hasn't played significant minutes probably since the second year of lebron maybe play you know maybe the entire time or brown was there he was playing significant tight minutes but you're talking about five years ago he literally now only comes in when it's like a forty point game and he just sits on the end of the bench to collect a paycheck what is Mr Miami's Mr three oh five in the U. Donna thousands one of those one of those guys that you know it reminds me of PJ Tucker although he doesn't have quite the same skill set the PJ Tucker did but I'll tell you two thousand six NBA finals the heat don't win if you don is as I'm not on that team the defense that he played on Dirk Nowitzki are the rebounding that he provided next to Shaquille o'neil and Alonzo mourning are you Dennis has them forever cemented himself as a Miami legend doing that number four for me favorite free agent signings go all the way back to the the our off season of nineteen ninety three the old professor himself Greg Maddux going to the Atlanta Braves mind you at that time the Braves had a young pitcher by the name of Tom Glavin they had a young stud by the name of John Smoltz already in the rotation if I'm not mistaken Steve Avery was in the rotation is still playing some good ball but Greg Maddux took them from pretty close you know it lost a couple of World Series so finally we're going to get over the hump they may have won it in nineteen ninety four I didn't get that chance is the strike shortened it I don't want to expose fans say Hey we were going to win it with Larry Walker it with Randy Johnson and guys like that but then in ninety five Maddux Smoltz Glavin they finally get their World Series let's be honest had the Braves that gap the way the ninety six World Series for the Yankees they may go down as the team of the nineties are but Greg Maddox was a huge reason why you could argue in our generation and I'm talking about eighties nineties two Oct two thousand the he's the greatest pitcher of our generation Maddox was masterful three hundred and sixty some odd wins like that number will never be touched again by any active player who have number three on your list of favorite free agent signings number three I've got Andy Pettitte back when he signed with the Astros I want to say two thousand to him and Roger Clemens sort of came in a package deal and I'm guessing just by me mentioning the rockets name that you people probably know who's number two on the list but Andy Pettitte came in he was part of a team that went to a World Series this is back when I was in like third fourth fifth grade ands he didn't revitalize baseball in Houston but he was one of those marquee names like I thought mention with white Howard where we didn't get a whole lot of those so when he's like you know what I live in deer park which is a neighborhood right outside Houston I'm coming home it was a huge deal down here that one hurt to any better it's one of my favorite Yankees of all time that I always like the Yankees that were home grown guys guys that would come up through the minors or somebody that we trade for that was in the minors and then the the venture we make it to the big leagues that's why the those teams are granted they won a lot but why I really enjoyed those Yankee teams it was Pat it it was pasada it was Jeter it was Bernie Williams eventually was Alfonso Soriano who I think they are traded for but he came up through the minors they paid some money for Tino Martinez they they paid some money for Paul o'neill you know they had Boggs and Charlie Hayes and then eventually that turned into Scott Brosius who who is basically a cast off before he came to New York but that's what made those teams so much fun and so enjoyable Orlando Hernandez L. do que they have brought him over as a Cuban defector but when Pettit laughed that hurt Clemens I didn't give a damn about here he was a red Sox who came over to New York at via Toronto and everywhere else but when Pettit left that kind of signified Hey this is the end of the dynasty as we know what the Yankees quite frankly have never been the same number three for me this guy should be in the hall of fame but it's Barry Bonds going to the San Francisco Giants you want to talk about changing the trajectory of a franchise really two franchises bonds in Bosnia ultimately leaving Pittsburgh took the pirates from a perennial team that was right there at the end remember they lose on the sid bream slide I believe was nineteen ninety well ninety two they lost at ninety one and then they lose again in ninety two on the Francisco Cabrera hit that sid bream slides and wins but when bonds leave that was the end of those Pittsburgh teams and then all of a sudden he gets to San Francisco and yes the steroids were most likely involved but he turned himself from skinny M. V. P. M. V. P. the holy cow is the greatest home run hitter of all time Barry bonds going to the San Francisco Giants was a huge huge deal we all bonds guy by any chance not really I didn't see my first memories of bonds are him the launching a bunch of home runs with the juiced up head and my parents at the time were pretty adamant that he was on on the juice and they let me know that he was cheating any any wires and you know there were a lot of guys that were and being a huge baseball guy and I graduated college in ninety eight tried to go to professional baseball and it didn't work out you know I didn't understand total hell of a lot more work in the sports talk radio than I did in to try to play professional sports and part of the problem and I always say this I was too good at the level that I played at not to sound cocky but I wasn't any I was in today I A. level and I probably should have played at a higher level of baseball so because of that I never really worked the way that I wanted to and I went to some camps and it didn't work out but remember baseball was dying in the mid nineties people were not watching baseball the way they were and they needed bonds and they needed the Clemens and they needed our kids say co and they need to acquire they needed Sosa and all these guys to go out and hit a Brazilian home runs I didn't care that bonds was allegedly cheating I really didn't I don't know there are a lot of people at that time they did until it started coming out and then again everybody like stacks sanctimonious and everybody likes to be holier than now that bond always a cheater yeah he was but say what you want he was a good it really it really got it done and he was an MVP multiple times before they head swelled up and you can clearly tell that he was enhanced a little bit more than he was before welcome back to this thing in Washington and it kind of boggles my mind and I'm seeing some of the reports now the announcement according to a person involved is expected to target events such as sporting and entertainment gatherings while offering exceptions to things like retail school our stores schools will not be affected by the district will expect to review things like sporting events that may draw significant crowds this is why I keep talking about and this is in regard to Jay Inslee the Washington state governor who is set to announce on Wednesday prohibition on community gatherings of two hundred fifty or more people why do you target a sporting event but not a shopping mall why do you target a sporting event and not kids in school why do you target a sporting event and potentially not like the pike street fleet or pike street market down there which is the iconic spot in Seattle you see people throwing the fish and catching the fish why don't you close all of them this is why I keep saying like sports is getting interjected into something that it's almost done it seems like it's becoming vilified the people gathered to watch sports why is that happening when everything else is not happening for me and I've even said this to places and I'm lucky in my studio here in Atlanta it's just me errors in a studio in Houston a and I'm assuming at this time of the night it's just you might hear an individual coming a little bit Patrick Creighton coming in so you don't have a twenty human contact you.

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