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You know just going out there the most talented team you have to know your xs and os and it'd be a good communicator and really you know make it clear you know what every player's role is going to be those guys definitely are either he's he's a great addition to this conversation because he definitely has shown he has what it takes the winningest coach at two different programs to i think he's see somebody who does come to mind some good does not come to mind shawn miller as we mentioned on the last winter q and podcast so when asked that and you shot that down immediately and i think i would agree with you there benjamin o one says is vinnie the microwave johnson the best nickname ever and he adds before you answer the answer is yes so moving on skating i don't think i love the nickname and i think it fit him so well just because you know he could just get hot immediately and he he he was fantastic my favorite nickname personally is chocolate thunder especially when you know the story behind it darryl dawkins says that stevie wonder gave him that name which makes it even cooler in my opinion but he was just such a powerful dunker he broke two backboards in a three week span i mean i think it's perfect for him so i thought that was growing up and now i think that's why the coolest thing name and then hearing stevie wonder gave it to them i mean it doesn't get much cooler than that you know i could totally see that happening and i think that is probably my favorite but the microwave certainly up there will.

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