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Gum? Yeah. Big Red Guard Asai. Need it. Big red. Okay, well, interesting. Okay, Marshal. That's what I was actually thinking of doing, because let's bring in chief meteorologist. Make peak. So Marshall the spicy Ghost Pepper donut that Duncan is introducing is Would that be on your radar? Are you like and don't like mixing the two sweet Momo. I like me some spicy, So I think that just might be worth a taste. Now. I can't really imagine that it's Anything more than a challenge food, but I'd be willing to try it. In other words, you want to get a dozen of them and go. Thank everybody. Look what I brought. I wouldn't say that. I might just here. Try this. See what you think I'll use it in the video. Doesn't this look delicious? Wait, what we'd see. Hey, Frost advisory, in effect for parts of central Ohio tonight in town. I think we're going to get to 39. The rain will come to an end. We do some clearing, and because of that, there is a good opportunity for us to get pretty chilly out there, so make sure you cover the plants mainly in rural areas tonight. But on Friday, the high only 55 Friday night we drop into the mid thirties in town. So that means there's another good chance for a widespread frost. Friday night into Saturday morning. Saturday, sunshine Good raking weather high of 60 degrees and breezy on Sunday with a high of 60 for Marshall. Thanks very much 50 right now, and I'm gonna have to turn my fireplace on Friday. Tomorrow night, right? He just said good breaking, whether I'm like Is it ever really good breaking weather? I mean, breaking stinks. Who wants to do that? Never. Nobody. Nobody get out to leave Blower and just blow it in the next guy's yard. That's exactly right naked. His problem. Hey, coming up at 4 10 Jack Windsor, one of the hardest working investigative reporters in the business, he'll be joining us live. And then at 5 10 1 of my favorites. Comedian Michael Loftus will join us live and again that'll be it. 5 10, You know, he's originally from Columbus Midwest comedy Tool and Die at one point, But Michael Loft is very funny. He'll join us live coming up. Had 5 10, so I don't know. Station what you make of this. The the Senate Republicans are calling on Twitter and Facebook bosses to.

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