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The Dow is now down four hundred twenty five points Jeff label WCB there's all right thank you Jeff after traffic and weather staying safe when you order Kerry out or delivery it's three twenty seven the following is a paid commercial message this is bishop Michael Burbidge of the Catholic diocese of Arlington as a corona virus spreads fear grips the globe worldwide pandemic advances and economies are on edge each day seems more surreal than the one before we are experiencing unprecedented times in our society there are no easy answers as experts struggle to find a cure the lives and health of many of our fellow citizens maybe even those of our families and friends are threatened yet we recall the indelible image after the fire the cathedral Notre dom in Paris less than one year ago miraculously the center of the computer was left intact across standing heights embers burned beneath it again Jesus stands with us in our hour of need it is to him we must turn we're confident that our faith and our hope and our fervent prayers will sustain us through this current crisis and well beyond get the latest corona virus information listen to WTOP at home at work in the car and on the go constantly updated twenty four seven three sixty five so you never miss a moment on air online on Alexa and other WTOP act Friday afternoon three twenty eighths traffic.

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