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Twitter blue if they actually put together something that you would want. is something i would consider. You think subscription twitter and subscription. That's about it. this way. Subscription is such a superior business and the marketplace values it in a multiple of revenues versus multiple of yuba did if another players in search capture one percent of the revenue research market bill captured ten percent of the market cap. Which by the way as one hundred and sixty billion dollars. So you're gonna see a variety of niche players including eva that say we're going to exit the ecosystem to paints us into a business model where we're no longer focused on the consumer. The creator reflects pitcher. I think that's a really good. That's a very good prediction. I have a short prediction taxed and smith from the texas texas high school this. She's the valedictorian. And i don't know if you noticed. When you do valedictorian speeches. You have to submit them to the administration and the valedictorian not. I don't think we even had that at my school anyway. A lot of high schools do and And she was giving her speech and she changed it mid's she just changed it. She didn't deliver the speech. He said he was gonna live right and she did a an incredible speech about the abortion laws in texas very onerous abortion laws. They're passing to try to restrict abortions. Let's listen to. Let's take a listen. And i'm talking about this today. On a day as important as this on a day honoring twelve years of hard academic work on a day where we are all gathered together on a day where you are most inclined to listen to a voice like mine. A woman's voice to tell you that this is a problem and it's a problem. That cannot wait and i cannot give up this platform to promote complacency and peace when there was a war on my body and a war on my rights. A war on the rights of your mother's a war on the rights of your sister's a war on the rights of your daughters. We cannot stay silent. Thank you high school in canton. Texas football field oriented right here in dallas. High school valedictorian speech. Makes them pass. I've written her. I'm like please come this speech. She was like basically stay the fuck off my body. And here's why but she's so smart because she's the valedictorian. She did it. But i love that. She just did it. She just like she. Just like yeah. I'm doing this speech about how we should move forward together in hand in hand and this and that and instead she was like pets love it love seven and ten dollars a very important figure in the senior senator from texas and in twenty years. Did you know that seven ten high school valedictorians or girls girls because usually seventeen. Yeah seven intern. And then what happens. Claris going to be about the korean and more go to college and more graduate from college relatively speaking And it creates a host of issues we talked about. Young women are are doing really well and young men are doing really poorly Anyways i've watched for her future. Good for the fallout must be intense. But you know what she was like. What a bad ass. I wish i was that much of a bad. As i'll tell you that and i don't say that often anyway. That is the show. We'll be back on tuesday paxton. Congratulations please send us your listener. Mail questions we love them. Go to n. y. Mag dot com slash pivot to have a chance to be on the podcast Scott redis out. I'm glad you brought attention to that. I think i think that's wonderful. She's bad ass. Today's show is produced by rebekah synonymous ernie anderson. Engineered this episode. Thanks also drew. Boroughs feel like the show. Please subscribe. if you're on android. Check us out on spotify or frankly wherever you listen to podcasts. Please recommend it to a friend. Thanks for listening to pippin box. Media will be back next week for another break down the all things tech and business. Let's go listen to. Lake highlands valedictorian. paxton smith. Well done well done. Leadership is the ability to take shit and sacrifice short-term popularity economic vitality to say and do the right thing. Here's the leader care. Here's a leader..

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