Aaron Donald, Alan Robinson, Andrew Brant discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


You're putting sports talk radio gun that doesn't exist to our salary cap. This is what the people want to do. They like this stuff. Aaron Donald affects the game so many different ways. He's the one who takes the ball away from you. He's the one who stops the runner on the way to the quarterback. He's the one that makes other people better because he gets the double teams. Cup is still dependent on getting the football to him. So if I had to if I could only pay one, that's the one. But who figures this stuff out more than anybody else? No, I know, that's figured it out. Right? What's funny is you mentioned Alan Robinson, he's new to the rams this year. He's actually making a million and a half dollars more than you see. That's the end Donald. Yeah, these things will get rectified. Again, Andrew Brant longtime executive and man who knows the cap very well is going to be joining us shortly here. I'm imagining June 1, that's always a date that you keep hearing about that can free up cap, can free up this free up that they'll figure this thing out. I mean, they didn't bring in Bobby Wagner just to say we don't have the money for you, Aaron. Yeah, probably not. I can't imagine that. And Donald is back. I mean, couldn't you imagine they definitely had had to have some sort of preliminary conversations. With him. I think so. You would think so and cup cup knows money's coming his way too. Don't forget, honestly, it's got some extra money. If there's, I mean, that's the issue as he can't dive into that. Right. Not baseball. True. I forgot about that. Yeah, it's not baseball. Is that there is still that cap. But when it all comes down to it, I think that Donald will be paid and he will be happy and the rams will pay everyone and they're going to all be happy and it's now just comes time about who can win football games. And they've got a hell of a roster. So if he's concerned about all I want to do is win to win another Super Bowl. Check that box. He's on a team that can do that for time to come with a coach who's not going anywhere. In terms of the money, that box remains unchecked. I think they'll take it before week one kick-off against the bills. For over three decades, nobody has had a wrestling career like arn Anderson. Conrad Thompson gets.

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