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If not seriously why anyway doesn't matter please do so you get every episode automatically. When they're published you can find comfort by design everywhere. You find your favorite podcasts. And now you can find us on design network dot org a destination dedicated to podcasts. All things design in architecture so make sure to check that out. Convoy by design is presented by walker. Zinger a fantastic company an equally fantastic design partner while the walker zinger brand was built on the promise to inspire designers and architects to do their best work. There's far more to it than that. Yes that promises fulfilled every day through a commitment to provide the best ceramic glass stone porcelain and concrete surfaces and finishes but at the heart is a family owned and operated business. That provides stunning surfaces for a well-designed home and does it to make designers and architects do their best work for their clients walker. Zinger started in nineteen fifty two and they are absolutely one of the best trade partners..

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