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They're not going to insert a full back or someone in between the quarterback and CJ Stroud went in rhythm is arguably the best quarterback in the country. But he is not great moving out of the pocket. He's not great on the run. He doesn't run, which is one of the most annoying things to Buckeye fans because he is just, he is, he is good when everything is copacetic. And when things are disruptive, he's still a very good player, but he's not the elite guy. So I think that was one big takeaway. The other was a lot of opposing coaches really thought keighley Ringo, the Georgia corner, was really vulnerable. He's been targeted 23 times in the last two games. And there's a sense that he's a guy you can pick on. Now he's very athletic and he's big and he can win at the line of scrimmage. He doesn't have great ball skills and he doesn't track the ball very well. He's a guy who can run fast, but struggles with change of direction and start and stop. So I really feel like that was something and scouts, although they love his prototype and they love his speed, they don't love his skill. So that was not an area going into my phone calls that I expected people to call out clearly Ringo, who, you know, Mel Kuiper, I believe, has the top corner in the upcoming draft. As a potential weakness. And it'll be interesting to see who Georgia uses on Marvin Harrison junior now. I am the captain of the Marvin Harrison junior fan club as a talent. I've had multiple coaches say to me this week that Marvin Harrison junior is one of the most talented receivers they've ever faced in their entire career. I had two veteran coaches tell me that they compared mckelvin Johnson. They went back far enough, you know, 15 plus years ago in time. Yeah. He is not as physically imposing as Calvin Johnson because few are, but there's Ryan day had a good line yesterday. He said, RJ day his son did not was not given the same gifts at birth that Marvin Harrison junior was. And so I really feel like the path to victory for Ohio State is going to be the same path to victory we saw here when Alabama beat Georgia last year. You have to hit them on chunk plays and go over the top. Ohio State is not equipped to win a dink dunk methodical grinded out 12 paid drive game. They are going to have to hit the equivalent of Jameson Williams shooting down the middle of the field. They're going to have to win that type of a game. And they do have the talent to do it between Harrison junior and Mecca and buka. They are talented in their quarterback when things are calm around him, is certainly capable of hitting those passes. Quickly, on the other game, it is the other game, at least while you sit in Atlanta, what did you take away from all the people you talked to? You know, TCU's defense. I think we'll know in the first two series if TCU can hang with Michigan. You remember last year, Alabama played Cincinnati which had a three three 5 defense and this is, I'm not going to have it specifically write a memory, but Alabama, I think ran the ball, 11 of the first 12 plays. It was Bill O'Brien looked at that three three 5 and said, all right, stop it. Stop it. So there's a sense. Now, Michigan isn't a team that's going to score points and bunches or jump out on you. They're very comfortable being methodical. But they are going to say, okay, and even JJ McCarthy said it in his interview yesterday. He said, we're going to take the Big Ten to the big 12. So if they can push TCU off the ball, a scout told me this, it was interesting. They have one player in their front 7 who is an NFL prototype paradigm as a prospect. They have a defensive end name Dylan Horton. So they have very good players. They have a very fast defense. They have an unconventional defense that's going to bring players from different angles and maybe confuse them. But they don't have large humans. Michigan has the Joe more award winning offensive line that may not have the best individual talent. I think Georgia and Ohio State probably have more individual talent on their own line, but it is by far and away the most synchronized in working together. So they're going to run inside zone. They're going to run inside zone again, and they're going to run inside zone again. Now they don't have Blake quorum. Look like corn is the best player on their roster. Period hands down. The most productive player. So they're obviously going to rely on Donovan Edwards and some younger players in that, but Michigan is not going to change who they are. They are defiant in who they are. And if they can go down the field methodically and TCU early in the game, it's going to be a bad sign for the horn frogs. Who, by the way, have fallen behind in almost every game and figure out a way to come back. So I'm not writing off TCU, but stylistically there's a very clear path for Michigan to establish themselves in this game. Fantastic stuff and you can read all that on the ESPN dot com Pete. Thank you very much and always great to see you. Thank you. Thank you. We'll take a short break. We are live in Atlanta. And we're coming right back. The right time. With bomani Jones.

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