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If they had already telling you told you before the season started would you to stop this? I started. I've told you before the season started in the history of the National Football League. No team had ever faced a dilemma a conflict. Like Philly was about to face. Carson Wentz coming off knee surgery shaky during the preseason not sure that he was ready to go and Nick foles holding a clipboard on the sideline having played two of the greatest playoff games. I've ever witnessed the NFC championship game in the Super Bowl. He outduel Tom Brady and the Super Bowl to be Indy. And now he standing on the sideline while Carson Wentz with the weight of eagle nation on your shoulder pads having to live up to that. It wasn't fair. I told you it wasn't fair to this kid. So Carson Wentz has never taken a single snap in one postseason game. And all the sudden everything's writing on Carson. They got repeat with Carson didn't do any of that next year. We'll maybe this year there. Saying we still got a shot. It's a long shot, but it's a shy. Let's see what we got with Nick foles. Let's see should we reinvest in Knicks. Should we see the offense? Looks a little different with him running. It all those zone reads and all the the play action foles looked a little more adept. Dad, a little more adroit at than cars because guess what? He'd be two years. He'd be over a year and a half removed from that knee surgery. You'll see a different walk into a next year. He will be back at himself and I predict you'll be the front runner for the MVP front runner. Yup. Well, he's the back runner for this year's, right? He had a little setback. It came down to. Thousand that. Eddie missed autumn games, this disease his way, he's six and seven his team Dax eight and five right? So it came down to a minute thirty nine left in regulation Sunday at Gerry world and Dougie p Doug Peterson who wrote a book titled fearless. Fearless. I go for broke point. Do I didn't want him to. I just thought he would because that's what he's made of. But was he a little afraid of bounce it to him? Wince was just I'm asking you. I don't know because I was shocked. He didn't go for two. I thought they had the momentum. He they had the edge. I thought you just you run something you pull out your bag of tricks. You run your Philly special that you've created for this year, and you walk home with the wind right instead. No either say that now because they fact the Cowboys on third down in the time ran out easy to say that now, but who knows the game turns out differently like well. Yeah. I I probably would win for it to roll the dice. Yeah. So if you're going to write a sequel to that book and called it fearful that what? Okay, skew look, I don't know. So in between he took some time. Next year offer that is our that's our SuperBowl. So you're saying Philly would is this. Your prediction. There's a good chance. I will see how found it to him comes out of the off season. He'll be thirty five is it. Is it? I'll put three cases of do right now. While to we'll have at least thirty five passing touchdowns next year. You're so far behind it value, a payoff ten cases, we're going to be clear what debt cleaned thirty five touchdown five a more. What's he got now twenty one thirty five or more for three ks? I'll do it futures. I'll take it. Five or more because. Or dummy. Already know already knows skip because they're going to be that needs to be two years removed from that surgery. Wouldn't you wouldn't it be funny? If Nick foles with the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. Building the roster. I don't know. Maybe that's to be determined right now. Maybe they see what happens at Rams than they got the Texans at home, and they got Washington sky you, and I both know Nick foles probably ninety five percent chance. He's not going to be on. Because I believe he wants to go starts believes he can start..

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