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State Mike Pompeo Mr secretary you and senator Elizabeth Warren a former presidential candidate was worn a you had a bit of an exchange on Twitter he told her that she should review the law again all rights under U. N. security council resolution two two three one are separate from the joint comprehensive plan of action or JCPOA but I'll put you down for Chinese arms sales to Iran on October eighteenth which weapon is it okay with you if they said the couple divisions of VT four tanks good Mr secretary just tell me this what is this dispute about a wasn't what are what are you saying what is Elizabeth Warren's position all credit card came in knowing that the Iran nuclear deal was a disaster and got out of it in may of two thousand eighteen one of the reasons I was such a rack was that most of the major provisions I want permanent they began to expire okay first of such provisions expires in October of this year just buckets to handle a month away so we use every tool we have our diplomatic get back to insure that come October this year the J. you can't sell thanks the Russians can't sell all remains a call conventional arms sales that this provision prohibits today will like will expire and they'll be the workplace largest state sponsor of terror in Iran will be able to purchase those weapon systems and so we had a little bundle was senator Warren said you know goodness gracious you can't use the J. C. P. O. who are not doing them United States has an under being awaited unambiguous right at the U. N. security council to keep these restrictions in place and president trump has made clear we're gonna make sure I never gets a nuclear weapon and we're going to deny them access to weapons systems.

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