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In overall concept. Please bring back. Thank you for your podcast. First off great job of being sued everybody. Those wonderful Dan d you have one of these is sort of like sticks out to you Yeah well first of all it was really enthralled. Haley's answer. Because i had never heard of kashi mighty bites either but i looked them up and i cannot believe that they literally have these little dude pieces through like actual crunchy stick figures and know that as a kid i would have you know. Set them up in a diorama to play with the digital toys. Or whatever else. I had michael classic serials. Also a kashi cereal and that would be kashi honey sunshine which was around for a while and kinda just quietly disappeared but it was these little golden honey squares that just had incomparable. Like melt in your mouth. Nece that i really really enjoyed and nobody else seems to feel that way. Did you have one of these cold cereals. Atta a lot actually One was The the the two that stood out to me The i was ken. My rice bran the ever. Have this one. The probably not it was in came out in the ninety s. Very early nineties. I remember going to reach sleepover at josh jobs. You know josh joe. I went to school. As a reduction of south and it was a crispy brown rice flakes was the idea. Sort of like a hardier special k would be like the best sort of like With maybe a bit more malted flavor to it Really good yeah. It was a very good cereal. That i very much enjoyed. The other. one was fingers fingers as your fingers right now. It's such a while it was a serial with pieces that are like big and you were not supposed to eat them in like a bowl with milk you would open them up like thing of chips and eat them like they were more like cracker size. But you're designed to. They came in little pouches and yours designed to eat them with. Your hands goes way ahead of tons compared to jumbo's taxi. I mean it's the exact same. It's the exact same Exact same premise. I mean but just like. We didn't need anybody to tell us that we get the with our right right like it just reeks of the marketing meeting. So he's like people are eating these days with their hands. We should just give them from using milk at the same time. You wanna hear. How long this i. I pulled up. We never do this. But i did want to share. I was trying to reminisce. So i pulled up an ad for fingers. I can't play the thirty second spot. Real quick lease me. Want wholesome new serial made with your fingers. Wholesome am i read my hands.

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