Josie Marino, Chelsea, Durant discussed on The Ringer NBA Show - 'Group Chat' It Turns Out All the Bad Teams Are Good (Ep. 151)


When is draymond going to say something that might actually be liked problematic so that's fine like dis dis one thing and i'm sure that like when draymond green since something truly egregious will all free guide i'll be like three days of of takes about it what he's doing now is actually kind of smart because the warriors are fine the probably a little out of shape they probably are a little annoyed at like teams getting really cheat up and to play against them which seems like they are a little bit this season compared to maybe last season where i felt like teams were like can we just get out of here without getting two injured but would drain ones kinda doing reminds me a lot of were josie marino does as a manager a we used to do more when it was like chelsea at what like that first arrow by basically anytime anything goes wrong he distracts from that narrative by being like the ref was a coward and like everybody just talks about that so now i don't even know that i can tell you whether the warriors a good or back is all i know is what trey modest and the game he's kind of like in a vacuum of people being like well the warriors so look that look sharp yet he's been like i will talk and now none of those guys have to talk we'll talk about durant we don't talk about steph that they both got thrown out in this game and if they were if you come out and just been like well you got ask those guys about it i don't know whether the pressure is getting to them or what he came out and he was just like no yeah they should be suspended and he was just kidding around but i think it's actually like a good move because they do have guys like steph klay and kevin and even though those guys have gotten more and more comfortable in the spotlight they're not like.

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