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So you know does does that make sense and the other the other thing of course that that we want to talk about which serve leads us into her ouattara is there anything more you want to say about sort of hearing how the was sort of wrote a bunch of uh recap some analysis of this week's episode and i think a lot of people keep referring to uh seized one of the show in the execution of that stark you know as a an event that exemplified what made this show so amazing i mean you know i was not a book reader we actually you know test king's was just a glimmer in our eyes at that moment you know when that happens jonah the the way the show was set up and marketed with v you're sean bean as the lead and just the kill that character off like so early on such a mindblowing event you know it's such a mindblowing development in the story and not only was it a bold decision but it made you realize no one is safe in this world right yeah and over over time they would kill off many many people right right and that's i mean that's a great sir transition our next themey went acknowledges death on game of thrones insipid lee in this episode a lot of people including me are irritated that seven heroes went north of the wall in six came back a serving heroes in like three red shirts i think it's five red shirkers jewish yeah five red shirts that you know and that's that's nothing i can say in hard on which is like it's it's inevitable to compare this to heart held the episode from season five because this is a clash between john snow and then i king there's whites there's white walker's those wildly things like this is this is very much like them being like wearing to give you another hard home only bigger and louder in um uncut but the um.

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