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Let him make one or two throws that can help us. But we're run the ball. We're gonna play defense and we're going to have success doing that because they knew how to manage tom brady. Tom brady was a backup. Drew bledsoe for now. Eventually he took over he became a starter he learned on the job he got into the situation and he just became tom brady. And that's the way you do things you know all of a sudden. Just throw a guy in there. Is you gotta do the same thing that the other guy did. It's like no man that dude the backup quarterback for reason. Well that's exactly what minnesota did right with kirk cousins. They only do the ball. fourteen times. Dalvin cook went to work. I mean you assume it will be the same game plan for the forty niners right hasty and let let them go to work and just try to pound the ball on the ground but the difference with kirk cousins is kirk cousins. The actually the started they pay a lot of money to throw the ball. But when you look at you look at. The strength of san francisco is probably running the football where the weakness on green bay's defense is the middle linebacker position so that's one of the things that scratch ahead. Everybody talks about trade deadline. Why we see where they needed to help. Aaron rodgers and davante adams in that group. They really needed some linebacker hill. They re they just for whatever. Reason didn't address the linebacker position. And so you saw exactly what happened against dalvin. Cook and vikings and i'm sure shanahan who likes to run the football Has taken note. You know a lot of times. You hear people say well you know. Coaching is so additive. I feel now. When i watched the forty niners it's kyle shanahan versus the green bay packers like that's what the matchup is to me right like no players in particular that i can call out for the forty niners. It's a coach's game plan and how he's pointing out altogether to stop aaron rodgers and the packers. Okay so it's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Let's go to the other side. Real quick with the packers when the packers were embarrassed by tom brady and the bucks. They bounced back the next week house. Houston thirty five twenty. It was not. It was a fifteen point game. You'll understand what i'm saying here wasn't nearly as close as it seemed yes. Fifteen is a large margin win on the road but they absolutely crushed houston. The game was over at the half. That was still bill. O'brien knows correct. That is still an brian too much better. But they did pick up a win without him on the other side. They're coming off another loss. This one to the vikings stunning in some ways the way minnesota did it with them running the ball j. referenced so key how do the packers bounce back tonight. The first time they came back with a vengeance. What are you thinking tonight. I think they are when you look at it. They're probably going to have a similar game plan. A similar attack Devante adams is back in the fold now two weeks so he's healthy. Lazar may come back. I don't know if he's out yet. A no he had some limited limited work. So they you know. They said that they're not setting a timetable but he did have some limited work. But i think it's all on air rogers Aaron rodgers has to go back into san francisco and redeem himself in a team from that. Nfc championship lost a year ago. Looking to do that so we'll see what happens. Last thing i want a match nick wagoner stat with one of my own. Nick was really good on the niners. Anybody touch the ball. Essentially an offense that played in the nfc title game against the packers. That's playing against the packers tonight. How about this one. The last nfc team to make the super bowl after losing in the super bowl the previous season. That's exactly where the niners are very lasted me one more time. This is exactly what the niners are at this moment. The last nfc team to make the super bowl after losing in the super bowl the previous year. Okay and fc super bowl loser the ability to just get back to the super bowl. Just get back. How long do you think it's been. Nfc loser in the super bowl. Just getting back to the super bowl. Twenty-six years little longer than that the vikings in nineteen seventy three in one thousand nine hundred seventy four. We're about to play super bowl. Fifty five for a little perspective. That was super bowl. Eight and super bowl nine. How about that. Think about that for a second straight. Talk wireless no contract no compromise on the way eight divisions in the nfl eight statements. What's real and.

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