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I it's like maybe in like a very small part of the internet but that's doesn't have to be jaylo famous michael. Yeah co-payments yeah it's a it's a feminist perspective of life and challenging and i. I think it's a good balance. Spencer naive vastly different. She's things that the evangelical church could be redeemed. She doesn't necessarily think it's job but she thinks that it's possible whereas i am more of the burn all down type of person burnt down so we have the balance of having both perspectives of life and faith. And she's more into the bible than i am. I'm more into the hippy. Dippy jesus's love type of situation. Yeah i forget we were in one of our. Img meetings or something. Maybe it was. Maybe i was. I was talking to somebody from the group. And i said iron sharpens iron and drc guys near like. Don't say that but that's always what i think. That's what i that's what i think when i think of those dynamics it is good to have both because it's totally valid for people to leave the evangelical church. It's sort of what we talk about here. And so many other people talk about but if somebody wants to try good luck. yeah. And i tell spencer i was like i. I grew up like in an immigrant community. I grope mexican like you can say that. I was born here and that i'm american but my parents didn't switch to being america. One the cross the border you know. I grew up for all intents and purposes mexican. So i wasn't very like i wasn't really fully accepted in the evangelical church. I was just kinda the token little mexican girl who is and you know. Got a loud mouth. And she's funny and blah blah blah So i was never fully accepted. So i feel no obligation to fix it. I feel no obligation to even wanted to survive. You know that's just not my thing right. Yeah let's talk about making spaces you you. You met sarah because you started attending your church. You've got this work relationship to but then you also have a great report on on your show and you have a lot of interesting guests there. and then you invited me for some reason old. I don't know like you said sunday. I'm very self deprecating mood. I apologize. I'm just gonna hold you accountable. That's okay that's totally fine. Thank you we're goofy. I'm sorry this is a goofy show. Do not apologize for being goofy. Because a lotta times i feel like this this feed can be a little our just invite me every now and again. That's right people..

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