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Not that sticky, but Seiders super hot in. All right. Next topic we're talking about fortnight for nights popular. We talk about whatever's popular like he was popular. Naggar fortnight's. Yeah, it's just SEO baby. Do you play? Maybe I have. It's I am going to lie. It seems to come what I feel the same way. And the only thing I like grain of only played a little bit, but I like the fifty verse fifty. Have you tried that. No, I like I've played literally three times. Yeah, something different for me, but but. They have mode where it's it's just like pub g in that it's it's it's one hundred players, but it's literally teams of fifty. You know, it was pretty fun. I'm sure everyone's laughing because they've probably all played it before. Oh, sorry. Basically the thing about fifty fifty very little control of the outcome of the game, but I thought it was pretty fun. Made a Bill, try that. So I played it on my ipad, and I found the running and shooting was fine. And I've tried pub g before I played that a little more, but the building I found very difficult. Okay. Got it. I noticed that and there's just because I haven't played enough. Some people have a way to build like entire towers. I don't know if they're like, you know, using some kind of macro like to input level, or if there's just a setting and fortnight down, know about or just. Yeah. Well, apparently you and I are the only people who don't know because for nine has made a billion dollars since launching in October. So they are getting that money from somewhere Pibor playing it. It's a thing, even sort of nontraditional. Gamers have been playing that listening to some podcast. I think it might have been twit, which I listen to very rarely. I don't know out of podcast, but I was listening to one for some reason and they were speaking about that. This is an interesting phenomenon where people are increasingly specializing into like specific games. So something like I'm not a gamer. I play fortnight. I play league of legends. I played Doda like I don't use to be people would just play whatever games, but every game was out, whatever game was new. But now there's increasingly people who just play Minecraft, just play for night. You know, like they, they were sort of observing that a lot of their friends and acquaintances only play a single game. Wow. It's really so I don't have. I don't know if that's true, and I. Due experience that somewhat like I know some people at work who are sort of always playing the same game. Overwatch is over. Yeah. So a lot of these online multiplayer games they play very exclusive, sends me at some points like chess or something or playing poker with your friends or something where like you don't go to poker night and decide to play like Rummy or something. They always play poker. Maybe you don't. Let's rule the die to see what card game. We're gonna play southers of Catan poker. Cool. So now it's time for book of the shove. Show my book. This show is a podcast, but you know, I've been as opposed to listening to audio books. She's all usually do this month. I just binged on this podcast and I thought it was great. It's called a dear Harvard Business Review or deer HP are. So I don't actually know too much about Harvard Business Review like don't know exactly how it's affiliated with the university..

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