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That nikolai is not here. He had to go deal with some stuff but don't worry he has family are okay but That means that we are without him. But we've got alex krantz here. Yes i am. The one five g. band you didn't know existed. We also have heinberg. Hello i will probably be ranting about. Uscca at some point in this podcast. It's not even on the docket. I will make it on the docket. You knew what you're getting into beyond usb see. We have a lot to talk about. Apple changed fifty app store policies We have a surface event and a windows eleven released to get through and Apparently we're gonna talk about some espn. But i as always Covert nineteen is still one of the biggest stories in the world We've got a few things that have been going on. There has been a bunch of drama over at read it. There was a bunch of sort of went dark and finally went and banned an anti vaccine called no new normal. I noticed that you typed. Iv into amazon it auto completed a whole bunch of ivermectin results. So you could go and buy horse gu. I was very angry about that. So i asked her comment about twelve hours later. They got back to me and they said they're gonna fix it actually haven't checked to see if they fixed it to day But what they're not fixing is if you land in one of those ivermectin pages to buy for veterinary reasons. There's no information boxes there if you search for it. There's no information boxes on the search results. You have to know the secret code you have to search for ivermectin for cova and then they will show you a link to the fda saying. Don't do it. that's how. I search it when i go to get my horse. St warmer also There's apparently a liquid oxygen shortage in certain areas for sex and also water utilities because so much needed for hospitals because That's happening again. There are lots of surges and hospitals are on the verge being overrun in lots of areas. we also have kids going back to school and there's mask mandates anti mask mandates and it's all a big mess and if people would just go get vaccinated. You have a party in october and wear mask. Yes and we're mask accented. Wear where mask just do the basics for just a little more so close. We really want to have this party that we're throwing in october You can still get tickets for that And we're still planning on doing it. So please vaccinated get the second backs wear a mask. Yes but i have no transition for this We're gonna talk about apple's app store policies sort of apple stuff in general because they also had this thing with state. Id's so let's start with the first thing so apple did like two things and there's a third thing about to happen related to the app store but let's start with the first one which was apple settled a hundred million dollar lawsuit time. Can you walk through. What was this lawsuit. And what was the settlement so apple there is a class action lawsuit from a variety of developers Who said that. The app store was monopoly. That apple was you know being unfair. It was an improper monopolization to the market. It was filed in twenty nineteen and apple is settled that wall street this week with one hundred million dollars settlement that includes clarifying. Some of its policy is about some rules on irs. They're making one hundred. Million dollar fund develop burs thirty million dollars of which is going to be used to pay lawyers. And if you're a smaller iowa's developer you'll you'll probably get some money out of this. They're also going to do things like not change. How app store works for minimum of. I think three years and they're going to keep the small business. The app store small business program which says that if you earn less than one million dollars a year you can apply to get fifteen percent cut your sales instead of thirty percent so that will stay unchanged for the next three years also in its current form which is if you make less than a million and you could do that the day that you go over and you know you make a million dollars once again. Subject to the thirty million a thirty percent cut so that's not changing in either direction And there will be more price points for apps so instead of selling app for like a dollar you'll be able to in theory sal for like a dollar fifty or a dollar eighty. There's like more than five hundred points coming right now. There's one hundred. So i see okay before we before we talk about is a good thing we should just talk about how this settlement got announced so a reportedly. They gave a some reporters a heads up that there was going to be announcement. This is the thing that all companies do apple included and then so everyone showed up to the call. Typically when you get on one of these calls like all right. Here's the announcement you're under bargo. You can't tell anybody we're gonna talk about it so you understand what's going on and then you'll have some amount of time which can vary honestly from minutes to hours two days before you write about this thing less often although it's not completely unprecedented you get on the call in the moment. You're on the call when the press release goes out. Those are my favorite. That is apparently what happened. We were not on this call and so it was a late night. Sort of mad scramble to understand. How big a deal this was. What the rule is what's changing. How much money it cetera et cetera. And i will admit that. I got snowed I tweeted that there. This was a big deal Specifically that apple said that they were going to let developers tell their customers that there are other ways to pay them outside of the app store to be just like people people you can pay for apps outside at the app store. There are other ways. But i love it there. Was this idea that like new. It's forbidden for knowledge was forbidden is actually even wilder. Because the thing that was forbidden is before if you have an app. I you have an app and customers sign up in that app and they give you that email address. The app store rules before like an checked boxing. I'm giving you my email address. You can contact me the extra roles before was if you used your app to get that contact information you could not use it to contact customers outside of the app and that was the big thing that they clarified was now you are so yeah and it doesn't feel like a win for me personally speaking. So that's the thing right But a lot of people saying it's not a change but it was like apple. Said it was a clarification. It is in fact a change a very tiny change but previously. If like if you got the email from the app you were not allowed to use email to email your customer and say hey if you wanna pay me directly you can and now they are allowed to send that email outside of the app to tell customers that there are other ways to subscribe to their service. This is not you know if you're just selling an app alternate way to pay. This is if you've got just a service. Like i dunno net flicks or joe's cool e-books dot com. Pretend.

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