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Magical side of the story. And i asked him like. He didn't have had like did you or did you have him in houston bureau. How he worked he said well the answered it said you know i. I knew would be someone like him. I didn't really know one like him. That would exist. Who would be connected to the flight crew ravi on the wall so yeah it to me. It's it's a it was happening. The timing is managed because it's clear but they're leading to us. I think Viscera and the nears as An initial wedge into complex to what they want to do. But i think the whole point is to do something alirio. Honest my view. This is when i read. I consider hilario is he is. He may not be in the same position. As far as i could see him. Believing but varzi are tight and they know exactly what each other is planning effort. Boris's using aereo because of whatever's going on Magically or whatever But certainly we see this early on the first danny chapter. I believe for second in a game of foods what she thinks about the first one where alirio calms down tells. The hillary was waiting to exhale as a king and she says you know she could see his slice mild. He's heated respecters. He was just using serious. Rizzo purposes. I think all of that is to endorse. Continue to use that. Even as a story ended up shaping. Differently and boris louis ended up having would i think was a different role to still so trying to stabilize realm. But now it's my view is is is. Boris is putting into practice. The idea that you what matters is in the in the nature versus nurture. It's hundred percent. Nurture his you. You can make king. You can train someone to be a game at it. He trained and raised them from infancy. Say you are prince egan. Who's to say. They are actually taken right. All so It will changed. I wasn't almost anything is when he goes further is a i don't do was if it was a couldn't o'brien did you see The game of thrones show like post postgame affixing of kuhnen. I haven't seen and they had called lil as one of the people had all the cast and calm with. Phil shared something that george told him about. Boris oh i've seen this ultimately like he has good intentions or something like that. Yeah which is a very interesting. I mean i must have gold another fifty birds. That light has your headache with you. Know the this is. Obviously someone who i i guess endorses view. He is someone who is the ends justified. A means perhaps. I think there's all of i think a lot of people may have arguments about were morally. Boris can be actually fundamentally good. When you consider what the birds are and what's being done to to. Yeah and he wants a misprint. Like he keeps on. He says i want them especially young right. Exactly there's something like look. I needed to train these sort of the spy network from the time that they're tiny creatures which you know you think about his own childhood and how how young he was when he was used by the evil men of his his own society. I think the viruses someone something like sort of the ends justify the means when it comes to these things. He says what i what i can do. I will the one with the torch. Said softly i must have gold and another fifty birds so in other words alario is funding. Whatever whatever versus doing alarios funding and he's also providing him with children to the tune of fifty at a time. It's disgusting when you think about so All right yeah. That's gosh it's interesting to me that he's he's looking at the chessboard. And he's not really putting any pieces in place yet but the chessboard has to just right before he decides to enter the game. Yeah that's i certainly interested in about was things that many people assumed with Earlier by log you know if one hand can die wine on a second. Yes you have the death before a lobby will. Did agassi read this. Initially in forgiven roses. Oh they must be the ones behind the death. John attention from george leaving mystery. You've you different this to kind of primary. Mostly i guess technically sort of views you can have on it. Which is there's alirio. Neither cocky about it kind of But a hand has died and you dances dass before suggesting that var various had something to do or maybe he was the person behind the death of john. Aren right yeah and then. There's the endoscopy did it which is obviously the starts kind of focus on. It seems obvious that the latest they and why and they end up. The unending ends up discovering why it happened. He thinks then we are later. Told in osama swords a different narrative which is a very different eh. basically it makes it makes it all seem Borba tragic On accident but since it was poisoning but it was a somewhat. There's someone else who's actually moving chess visas around. Well so jon orn. I mean we have. At least three different motives. One is the search. C has a motive to keep her secret so that her son remains a legitimate. Braff you on the throne. You've got varis. Because if we know that john was against trying to assassinate danny and so then the question is. Is that that stan behind. It does various. Have a motive. Here to de stabilize and control robert and therefore he get get a kid jon-arne out of the way and then of course we we find out later. Is that that leisa aren. Wants her husband dead because she wants to be with her love little finger and little finger wants to sow chaos and so those two are behind. Yeah so i mean. I've i've kind of been working from the assumption. That leisa is beyond it. And that is why sort of martin drops little hint that they're called the tiers of lice. Sort of as a literary just a just a little literary breadcrumbs. Not not that not that the in world tiers of ice were named after leisa or vice versa. But that sometimes martin likes to drop these little bread crumbs. That don't mean anything at the time. But then you go back and you you like. Oh i see. He's got something in mind. Here was in a similar vein. Three goto Catalyst chapter do we see their eliza steers waterfall. So that could never interested. Adored is play. A you know it's absolutely Will arou- certain sounds and names. We using them if you've read. His overwork siddons units thousand. Worlds does a a toffee. Lot is jeffrey. Lyon was you can kind of see a joffrey and lancaster kinda thing going he does. We use certain meters a song for lila. Which has a role in a eliah which is already may rob. Czar leanna george Georgia's review things. So i mean the.

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