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I should probably be angry that it's take so long to get to the airports and vote for people and be willing to pay taxes such that there's public transportation to these places like they've done in Europe for the last US fifty years so I'd like to think the workers get a little bit more dignity the wages go up that we go to by the way remember all those all the fear mongering about what happens if if you raise minimum wage to fifteen bucks yeah that hasn't panned out anywhere hasn't panned out anywhere so I hope I hope it just across the board that gig workers and everybody everybody else just California legislation goes national. Do you think it's going to do what I do. I think you know it's interesting. I did have a discussion with Gavin Newsom News Lieutenant Governor. They didn't have anything to do all day so he had lunch with me. We talked about this a lot this idea of reclassifying workers in creating a new kind of worker so I do think this in California. I'll be writing about this next week. Times is really the de facto national legislator for everything whether it's a privacy Ville whether it's ABC or five with the car deal the deals are making with car so I think in Weird Way Gavin newsom loose in the Senate there is determining a lot of our regulations for tech and marguerite agreed vestige who just got a giant job. She got quantum leap more scary for she's Fan. She's a bad ass speaking swimming in a union over here in the Union when I was I went to Ucla. I was really not now but so junior. UCLA EVERY SUMMER MOORE UCLA I had basically twelve weeks to make twenty three hundred bucks so I could afford to go back to school. I worked as a box boy at Sanderson foods and this this guy took an interest interest in me and he said do this do this this and he had me fill out a bunch of paperwork and he said it's GonNa cost eighty bucks up front. I'm like I don't have eighty dollars. We're putting you in the union and I went from four dollars an hour our to eleven dollars an hour someone taking an interest in me and the power of unions and by the way everybody seemed to be fine shopping in Belair at sandy foods and literally early pay for my junior year of college. was somebody saying there's there's dignity and work and anyone who shows up here in pack other people's Grocery should pay get paid eight or nine bucks an hour our in one thousand nine hundred six as opposed to four bucks an hour and it so I got to my junior year of college and I think that needs to happen across millions of households. We need to raise on my soapbox now but I think it's I would really love to see a reinvigoration of unions interesting that it's happening actually Internet maybe a company. There's been unionization efforts more anywhere else than will but internet media companies vox when unionized working on it buzzfeed John and vice news and stuff like that so it's a really interesting time because it's the it's the media companies that are doing that the Internet media companies and I know it was a struggle at box they ultimately came to a deal with with the unions and it was interesting but I also did not in the designation for the Union but but but it's an interesting trend we'll see unions are have been so kneecapped. It's kind of hard to imagine all right last two twenty twenty tech. IPO predictions actions Scott Galloway the biggest Ip are the most successful IPO twenty twenty s Airbnb Airbnb. We're going to see bullish Sean. This one or AIRBNB is gangster. AIRBNB is an incredible concept because with Uber Uber has moats the core business has low margins AIRBNB. CBS exact opposite global supply that means you have to have people who are not airbnb coming in from copenhagen-tokyo so it has an incredible note. It's well run..

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